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14 Tranquil Hawaii Eco Lodges Perfect for Escaping the Crowds

14 Tranquil Hawaii Eco Lodges Perfect for Escaping the Crowds

These 14 tranquil eco lodges in Hawaii are waiting for travelers who want to escape the crowds and immerse themselves in nature’s beauty while enjoying a sustainable accommodation.

Puu O Hoku Ranch

Green wooden house with a porch and a girl is sitting on the steps and reading a newspaper. Wooden sign says Puu O Hoku Ranch Store
Photo credit: Puu O Hoku Ranch.

One of Hawaii’s unique ranches, Puu O Hoku Ranch is the only biodynamic and among the few rare organic ranches in the area. Puu O Hoku, translating to “Hill of Stars,” is truly true to its name. The ranch looks over to the cloudless sky at night, where guests can enjoy the most breathtaking sceneries of Hawaii. The ranch is completely surrounded by forest trees and is a stone’s throw from the nearest waterfall, so you’re going to be sleeping with the faintest gurgling of water.

Beautiful Edge of the World B&B

A house on the hillside overlooking the ocean surrounded by grass, pavements and several green plants and trees.
Photo credit: Beautiful Edge of the World B&B.

The name does justice to this Bed and Breakfast, but let us explain a little of why this B&B is your ideal destination. Located in Kona, Captain Cook, Hawaii, the Beautiful Edge of the World Bed and Breakfast is a comfortable homestead where you can take a load off and relax in the tropical environment.

The gorgeous B&B is completely surrounded by thick, green trees, so you’re really in a secluded heaven. This is perfect for introverts or naturalists who prefer to keep their social circle small, so if you suffer from social anxiety, you know this is the place for you.

Maui Eco Retreat

2 storey house with 360 degree wooden porch on a hillside with grey roof.
Photo credit: Maui Eco Retreat.

Maui Eco Retreat has been leading Hawaiian ecotourism since its founding in 1998, so you’re safe to say that this retreat is experienced regarding sustainability. If you’re done with the monotonous routine of life and want a refreshing change where you won’t have to look at your phone every few moments, head over to this eco-retreat for an off-the-grid experience.

Rainforest Volcano Eco Cabin

Small green and brown hut on stilts with a small front porch and large white doors surrounded by green plants.
Photo credit: Rainforest Volcano Eco Cabin.

If you’ve always dreamt of spending your time in a cute cabin at a prime natural spot, then you must make way for the Rainforest Volcano Eco Cabin, which sits in a sectioned portion of the forest near Hawaii’s volcanic OhiaLani Road.

Both cabins/lodges are off-the-grid, running on solar power and using rainwater for consumption, so you will have a low ecological footprint. Guests can use organic ingredients for cooking and spend their days exploring the blissful location.

Volcano Eco Retreat

Several small bamboo huts surrounded by green grass.
Photo credit: Volcano Eco Retreat.

Heartcore boutique eco-hotels have been taking Hawaii by storm, and its Volcano Eco Retreat is Hawaii’s very own green heaven. Located within Hawaii’s ʻōhiʻa tree forest, the Volcano Eco Retreat perfectly matches nature through its subtle tones. This eco-lodge is built with wood and is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a natural but luxurious tropical heaven.

Located at a prime spot, the retreat has natural ventilation, but it’s provided sustainably if you ever need electricity. All food is organic, and the retreat uses only biodegradable products.

Kula Lodge

A larger building with several small gazebos with red roof on top of a cliff.
Photo credit: Kula Lodge.

Kula Lodge is built atop a cliff in Hawaii and offers an authentic Polynesian experience. The residence has tranquil cottages close to the Haleakala National Park and Ulupalakua Winery. Visitors are welcome to host important outdoor events, including birthdays, bachelorette parties, and weddings at this beautiful property.

The eco-lodge is owned by Vojdani Family and has been repurposed to host multiple guests from around the world. Its Maui Restaurant and Bar serves authentic Polynesian food. Ever since its opening to the public, the eco-lodge has moved to a greener experience and runs entirely on 100% renewable energy.

Hawaii Island Retreat

Nicely light white building with a swimming pool in front by night.
Photo credit: Hawaiian Island Retreat.

Offering a beautiful view of Hawaii’s North Kohala coast, Ahu Pohaku Ho’Omaluhia, or Hawaii Island Retreat, is one of the area’s finest eco-lodges. The resort uses 100% renewable energy. It majorly powers itself through solar panels and shares the weight with a windmill.

Some rooms have private bathrooms with spa tubs, and some have terrace or garden views. An outdoor pool awaits guests, and the sun terrace is open for visitors hoping to get the trademark Hawaiian suntan.

Lumeria Maui Eco-Retreat

A resort from above with small buildings and a swimming pool.
Photo credit: Lumeria Maui Eco Retreat.

A quaint wellness retreat located in Maui, Hawaii, Lumeria eco retreat invites tourists to a luxurious stay filled with glamor, fun, and relaxation. Offering an authentic Polynesian escape from the world, Lumeria is an education retreat that specifically caters to exhausted students who just want a break.

Lumeria is 100% powered by renewable energy and believes in sustainable living. It interacts with the local community and offers a unique outlook on Polynesian culture.

Dragonfly Ranch

A room with a ceiling to floor large windows overlooking a green forest. There are several furnitures and colorful decoration.
Photo credit: Dragonfly Ranch.

Dragonfly Ranch is the perfect place to go if you want to mix with nature and enjoy a peaceful and natural vacation. This eco-lodge is conveniently located a few minutes from Hawaii’s best snorkeling spots and is the best place to stay if you’re a marine enthusiast. From snorkeling with the dolphins to diving for the sea turtles and fish, it is also a stone’s throw from coffee farms and whale-watching spots. Dragonfly Ranch has everything you could hope for.

Hawaiian Retreat at Josanna’s Organics

Small green house with a grey roof and a front porch. It is night and the house is illuminated.
Photo credit: Hawaiian Retreat.

For anyone who wants to experience an authentic Hawaiian vacation, head to the Hawaiian Retreat at Josanna’s Organics, where visitors get to live in a secluded section of Hawaii and become friendly with the tropical nature. The retreat features family-friendly lodgings with a spacious setting.

Each room is decorated in natural tones that blend in with the island’s tropical nature and pay homage to Hawaiian traditions. Because this retreat is so close to mother nature, it runs sustainably; all energy is provided by solar power and, if required, propane.

Hawaiian Sanctuary

Small green wooden hut with white windows and door in a lush green garden
Photo credit: Hawaiian Sanctuary.

The name gives it away, folks; the Hawaiian Sanctuary is a paradise for naturalists who want to soak the Hawaiian sun, explore the island through various eco-tours during the day, and fall back on soft bedding at night.

You’ll find the Hawaiian Sanctuary deep in the heart of the jungle of Hawaii, with a cleared pathway to make it easier to find. This eco-lodge is surprisingly upbeat and chic, with a modern style that compliments the Hawaiian heritage. The rooms are decorated in soft furniture and subtle tones, complementing mother nature perfectly.

Lova Lava Land Eco Resort

Yellow camper with a small white tent on the top.
Photo credit: Lova Lava Land Eco Resort.

Short on budget? In love with nature? Cursing the absence of budget-friendly nature retreats? Worry no more and head to Lova Lava Land Eco Resort, a great Hawaiian vacation lodge that’s eco-friendly and light on the pocket!

Lova Lava Land is the ideal place for hitchhikers and travelers who are backpacking across the state of Hawaii. If you’re traveling in a camper, you’ll find a comfortable parking site at this eco-retreat. For those without a camper, comfortable and eco-friendly yurts are available for booking.

Hale Akua Garden Farm

Blue wooden two storey building hidden behind lush green plants.
Photo credit: Hale Akua Garden Farm.

Make your way to the Hale Akua Garden Farm, an eco-retreat where you can truly blend with nature. Hale Akua has everything you could dream of, from taking farm tours and participating in organic farming programs to relaxing in a comfortable space near nature.

The Inn at Kulaniapia Falls

Small wooden hut on stilts painted green and natural brown with a small window and door.
Photo credit: Kulaniapia Farms.

Imagine staying at a serene location, steps away from a spectacular waterfall that pools to form a gorgeous blue shade. If you’ve always wanted to experience such rustic luxury, then you’ll love The Inn. This eco-lodge is just a stone’s throw from the Kulaniapia Falls.

It is completely off-the-grid. It runs on renewable energy and practices sustainable methods for food production. Your eco-cabins look toward the ocean and come along a fully functional farm. There are shared bathrooms, showers, and a kitchen in the barn. Each cabin is custom-built from wood and has a queen-sized bed and a children’s cot so that you can enjoy the retreat with your family.

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