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15 Capitals Trending on Instagram You Can’t Miss

15 Capitals Trending on Instagram You Can’t Miss

These 15 scintillating capitals have been setting Instagram on fire, not just with pretty pictures, but as the most hashtagged cities. Their landscapes and architecture ignite the imagination and fuel a passion for travel – no passport required.

London, England

Photo by Juhi Sewchurran via Unsplash.

Iconic for its historical landmarks like the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and modern attractions like the Shard. London’s blend of old and new makes it perpetually Instagrammable. Hashtags: 177,934,999

Paris, France

Photo credit: Anthony Delacroix via Unsplash.

Known as the city of love and lights, Paris dazzles with its unmatched landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and countless chic cafes. Hashtags: 149,598,324

Jakarta, Indonesia

Photo credit: Aeira Atelier via Unsplash.

This bustling metropolis is known for its vibrant street life, beautiful cityscapes, and the Thousand Islands that serve as a perfect getaway. Hashtags: 72,508,916

Tokyo, Japan

Photo credit: Erik Eastman via Unsplash.

Tokyo offers a dazzling array of neon lights, historic temples, and culinary adventures that make it a top destination for Instagrammers. Hashtags: 67,424,269

Ankara, Türkiye

Photo credit: Ilovew Photography via Unsplash.

As the capital of Türkiye, Ankara is rich in history with sites like Anitkabir, museums, and its old castle, offering a mix of culture and architecture. Hashtags: 61,387,994

Berlin, Germany

Photo credit: Florain Wehde via Unsplash.

Berlin’s edgy art scenes, historic Berlin Wall, and modern landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate captivate those looking to capture a piece of Germany. Hashtags: 56,503,188

Madrid, Spain

Photo credit: Jorge Fernandez Salas via Unsplash.

Spain’s central capital is famed for its royal palace, vibrant squares, and the Prado museum, full of rich Spanish history and lively streets. Hashtags: 51,858,681

Singapore, Singapore

Photo credit: Julien Da Salaberry via Unsplash.

Known for its futuristic architecture like Marina Bay Sands, lush gardens, and vibrant street food scenes, Singapore is a top pick for photographers. Hashtags: 46,552,604

Praia, Cape Verde

Photo credit: Depositphotos.

Less known but incredibly picturesque, Praia offers beautiful coastal views, colonial architecture, and a laid-back island vibe. Hashtags: 41,888,077

Bogotá, Colombia

Photo credit: Random Institute via Unsplash.

This high-altitude capital is known for its historic La Candelaria district, vibrant street art, and the Gold Museum. Hashtags: 41,068,167

Caracas, Venezuela

Photo credit: Matthias Mullie via Unsplash.

Despite its political turmoil, Caracas is picturesque with its mountain backdrop, modern skyline, and rich cultural institutions. Hashtags: 39,261,243

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier via Unsplash.

Amsterdam’s famous canals, historic houses, and bicycle-friendly streets offer endless charming visuals for Instagram. Hashtags: 39,088,989

Baku, Azerbaijan

Photo credit: Lloyd Alozie via Unsplash.

Known for its dramatic coastline by the Caspian Sea, modern architecture, and the historic Inner City. Hashtags: 38,127,003

Bangkok, Thailand

Photo credit: Getty Images via Unsplash+ License.

Thailand’s bustling capital is famous for its vibrant street life, ornate shrines, and vibrant markets. Hashtags: 33,248,074

Rome, Italy

Photo credit: Spencer Davis via Unsplash.

With its ancient ruins like the Colosseum, stunning Vatican City, and romantic streets, Rome is a timeless favorite for photographers. Hashtags: 31,907,213


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