Aqua Ventura is an off-grid eco-lodge nestled within the heart of Portugal’s Algarve, inside its national park. It is distinguished by its commitment to sustainability and minimal environmental impact since its energy needs are fully met by its own solar power system.

It is a family-owned eco-lodge, where guests not only meet the owners, but live with them as well. Dining at Aqua Ventura is a celebration of locality, with dishes prepared from the freshest, locally sourced ingredients by the owner Violeta.

Their story

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Sustainability actions

  • The eco-lodge built with natural materials to fit into the Algarve landscape.
  • They reused abandoned buildings to minimize environmental impact.
  • Their design encourages wildlife and native plants to thrive.
  • Solar energy system powers the lodge to reduce carbon footprint.
  • They optimize energy use by restricting high consumption appliances like iron, hair dryer, and charging mobile phones.
  • They have a comprehensive recycling program for multiple waste types: glass, plastic, paper, metal & food to significantly reduce eco-lodge’s environmental impact.
  • Aqua Ventura actively encourages guests and staff to participate.
  • They are commited to chemical-free living with biodegradable soaps and detergents.
  • The lodge uses natural fertilizers for green spaces.
  • Locally sourced, fresh ingredients for meals are supporting local agriculture.
  • Aqua Ventura is located in Portugal’s largest protected area, Vincentine National Park. They take an active role in educating guests to behave environmentally responsible.
  • They AquaVentura developed student pursuits programs with different schools, colleges, universities and scout groups.
  • High Hopes program is a complimentary vacation offered annually for a special needs group.
  • Yoga classes
  • Walking trails in the national park
  • Climbing
  • Kayaking, surfing
  • Bike tours

Best Time To Visit Aqua Ventura

Summer can be very hot, July being its hottest month with 85-95 Fahrenheit in average. May-June and September-October are considered shoulder seasons when the weather is still nice and less crowded.



Aqua Ventura is approx. 60 miles away from Faro International Airport.
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