Tintswalo at Lapalala is the latest addition to the Tintswalo portfolio of family-owned, boutique luxury lodges in South Africa. The lodge is in the middle of the Waterberg mountains in the Lapalala Wilderness. This eco-loge is comprised of luxury tents, offering guests a direct connection with nature.

Tintswalo Lapalala is located in the Lapalala Wilderness Reserve in the Waterberg region just north of Johannesburg. It is about 3.5 hours outside of Johannesburg, just far enough to feel removed from city life. Surrounded by private game sanctuaries, the massive expanse of this unspoiled ecosystem is seen by the lack of light pollution and dramatic star-gazing on cloudless nights.  

Run away from reality and experience the wonders of luxury camping. The luxury tents sit next to an open plain, each equipped with a private plunge pool and outdoor bath. There is no better way to experience the South African wilderness than nested right in it.

Their story

Tintswalo at Lapalala is an award-winning luxury lodge in South Africa. Where luxury and conservation meet, Tintswalo Lapalala lodge has extensive sustainability initiatives. With these initiatives, Tintswalo Lapalala has been able to be off-grid, with minimal impact on the planet.

The lodge offers a unique experience to camp in the South African wilderness. Don’t let the word camp fool you, this lodge is made up of luxury tents with private pools and amazing views. A mix of luxury and nature, Tintswalo Lapalala lodge is in one of the most undisturbed safari zones in the region. 

The reserve has 37 kilometers of crystal-clear rivers, which meander through the rolling hills and of the essentially undiscovered Waterberg region. Guests can fish the clear mountain waters, swim in the running rapids, take a sunset cruise or just enjoy the peace and quiet of this beautiful reserve.

The owners of Tintswalo at Lapalala (pictured above) believe they have received a gift in the property, so they must respect it. They have a wide range of projects, like solar panels and vegetable gardens. The resort offers guests a guilt-free stay where they can enjoy all of modern life’s luxury without harming the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds them. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • The entire lodge is made of tents, providing the lowest impact possible. Nothing needed to be disturbed to build the site, and the entire lodge can be packed up and taken away.
  • There are no power lines on the reserve, which was accomplished by going off the grid.
  • No private vehicles are allowed on the reserve in an effort to reduce carbon footprint and impact.
  • In 2018, the owners of Tintswalo at Lapalala increased their solar capacity to allow the resort to be fully off the grid. Certain caveats had to be made, like buying low-energy products for guests to use. 
  • Low-energy refrigerators, hairdryers, and air conditioners give guests a luxurious feel without hurting the environment.
  • The vegetable garden has automated sprayers that limit the water used for irrigation purposes. The maintenance workers adjust the water usage according to any recent rainfall.
  • All waste is collected and sorted onsite, which is then taken offsite for proper disposal and recycling
  • All tin foil used is collected and reused into eco-bricks, which local school kids use to build structures with.
  • Organic waste is placed in the compost bin and used to feed the garden.
  • Each guest is given a reusable water bottle to reduce the need for single-use plastic
  • There are no plastic or paper straws, only glass ones. Cornstarch bags are used instead of plastic ones.
  • All cleaning products used on site are non-toxic and natural
  • Tintswalo offers natural mosquito spray to any guests who dislike the bugs. If a guest kills a bug with this spray, any animal that may eat that dead bug will not be poisoned by the product.
  • Tintswalo has a vegetable garden that supplies the kitchen with herbs and vegetables. They keep seeds and replant them to continue the loop of organic planting.
  • The kitchen sources fresh dairy, eggs, and meat from the surrounding area.
  • Tintswalo supports a wilderness school that gives people the opportunity to study nature and hospitality. This school gives them the skills to enter the job market.
  • The lodge has a curio shop that offers goodies from local artists.

Most Popular Activities near Tintswalo Lapalala Lodge

  • Game drives
  • Guided Walking
  • Bush banqueting
  • Spa treatments
  • Boat cruise

Best time to visit Tintswalo Lapalala Lodge

  • If you want to spot Big 5, dry season aka winter would be the best choice when they are gather around waterholes and the bushes are thinner. It is between May and September.



per person per night starts from

  • Luxury tents

    Each tent with an outside bath, shower and private plunge pool

    $ 521 - 672
  • en-suite Luxury Tented Family Suites

    Each tent with an outside, shower and private plunge pool as well as adjacent children’s bedroom, 4 person/room.

    $ 521 - 672
  • Superior Luxury tented suites

    Each tent with an large separate bathroom tent and private plunge pool.

    $ 590 - 678
  • en-suite Superior Luxury suites

    Each suite comes with large private veranda and plunge pools, 4 person/room.

    $ 2675 - 3143


Tinstwalo Lodge is 300 km from International Airport in Johannesburg. The lodge can arrange airport pickup.
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