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14 Bali Lodges that Capture the Authentic Essence of Indonesia

14 Bali Lodges that Capture the Authentic Essence of Indonesia

Cerulean blue waves crash against golden white sands and lush green-tipped cliffs overlooking the beach; Bali brings paradise to earth. With its breathtaking scenery and hospitable environment, Bali is impossible to ignore and attracts thousands of tourists yearly.

If you’re heading to Bali and trying to figure out the perfect accommodation, you can relax. Here are the top sustainable eco-lodges in Bali, ideal for tourists of all types. These eco-lodges take pride in implementing sustainable practices to protect the environment and give you the most memorable experience during your stay:

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

The inside of a bamboo hut with view to green jungle designed in natural colours.
Photo credit: Sarinbuana Eco Lodge, Linda vant Hoff.

Sarinbuana Eco Lodge is the ideal destination for basic tourist activities to spiritual excursions. The eco-lodge offers luxurious and stunning bungalows set just a distance from the Double Six beach and Balinese jungles, offering guests a rare chance to experience the best of both worlds.

The bungalows may look ordinary, but they include the finest amenities and offer countless services you won’t even find in high-end hotels in Indonesia. Sarinbuana Eco Lodge allows travelers from all areas of the world to flock and immerse in a cultural and relaxing stay.

Ulaman Eco Retreat

Bamboo buildings surrounded by trees
Photo credit: Ulaman Bali Eco Retreat.

Ulaman Eco Retreat combines sophistication with rusticity; it offers the perfect spot for anyone obsessed with nature and not afraid to take it slow. Peeking out from behind dense green leaves that pockmark the entire resort, the eco-retreat offers guests a blinding view of the sensational forests at Bali.

The eco-resort has its own wellness and health center, which offers an onsite holistic experience that allows guests to wash away stress and exhaustion. Although the eco retreat offers a TV and even Netflix, it powers solar and hydro-powered fixtures and utilizes eco-friendly practices to ensure sustainability.

Bali Eco Stay

Treehouse-like wooden cabin above the jungle canopy
Photo credit: Bali Eco Stay.

Imagine waking up to birds chirping and opening your eyes to an illustrious view with rustling leaves and gushing waterfalls. This heavenly imagination becomes a reality for guests at Bali Eco Stay, where Mother Nature cradles visitors and allows them to enjoy nature at its finest.

Bali Eco Stay offers rustic bungalows deep into the forest, allowing guests a level of seclusion and privacy they won’t find anywhere else. Despite their dense surroundings, the bungalows aren’t restricted from the modern amenities of life and offer a luxurious stay that wows guests with intensity.

Sun Sang Eco Retreat

Wooden two storey building on stilts. A woman is standing in the terrace.
Photo credit: Sun Sand Eco Retreat.

Sun Sang Eco Retreat is a stellar destination that allows guests to hide behind the trees in Bali’s dense jungles, which is perfect for naturalists and adventure-seeking tourists. It is designed to mimic its environment; it offers unique wooden houses that stand tall against the trees and overlook the gorgeous jungles. The houses are each uniquely adorned with simple amenities and an overall luxurious style, which honors Balinese culture and traditions.

Komune Resorts

Two storey long building illuminated in the night. Deck chairs are in the front.
Photo credit: Komune Resorts.

Head to Hotel Komune, where you’ll find a plethora of beachfront and beachside villas, offering tourists the chance to choose their view of paradise. Suites and villas offered at Komune Resorts invite guests to a stay of unlimited luxury and sophistication, each offering opulent amenities and facilities that would put significant hotels to shame.

The resort has its own health hub, which offers a health and wellness experience enriched with Balinese culture and tradition. It offers a farm-to-table dining experience and relies on other modes of modern-day sustainability.

Mana Earthly Paradise

Huts with thatched roof.
Photo credit: Mana Earthly Paradise.

Mana Earthly isn’t just named a paradise; the eco village looks like a stunning abode that invites guests to escape the monotonous routines of life. For guests staying at Mana Earthly’s unique eco villas, everything becomes a blissful experience that transforms into memorable moments.

Mana Earthly’s eco villas offer luxurious amenities and facilities, each reminiscent of a world-class boutique hotel. Mana Earthly contrasts its opulence interior with a rustic and more natural exterior, which perfectly encapsulates the stunning environment it is set in.

Munduk Moding

Yellow building with red roof, swimming pool, and terrace in the middle of a rainforest.
Photo credit: Munduk Moding Plantation.

Imagine embracing luxury, relaxation, comfort, and an intense closeness with Mother Nature under one roof. Munduk Moding is a stunning destination that invites guests to let down their hair and spend their nights in a luxurious mansion-esque villa. Munduk Moding may not dress like other eco-resorts, but it doesn’t compromise on sustainability and offers one of the eco-friendly accommodations you’ll find in Bali.

Plataran Menjangan

Room interior with double bed, wooden floor and roof and mosquite net around the bed.
Photo credit: Plataran Menjangan.

One of the few resorts in the epicenter of the island’s West Bali National Park, Plataran Menjangan is a soulful experience for travelers seeking eye-opening accommodation. This award-winning eco-lodge offers luxurious eco houses and villas built a small distance apart, allowing guests to explore the forest from the privacy of their rooms. The houses are all designed to mimic and blend in with the background, allowing guests to unravel Bali’s nature without standing out. This might be the perfect spot for nature and animal lovers.

Bambu Indah

Small bamboo hut that is open on one side. A woman is standing there and another one is walking down the stairs to a small pool.
Photo credit: Bambu Indah.

You won’t find anywhere better if you’re a naturalist hoping for a one-on-one with Mother Nature. Set in the jungle in Ubud, Bambu Indah is one of the only resorts on the island that offers guests the opportunity to live with nature. Literally.

Bambu Indah offers bamboo and wood houses, each adorned head to toe with vegetation to camouflage against its surroundings. The houses open out into the jungle, offering guests the chance to camp in the middle of the woods, minus the insects and creeping creatures.

Suarga Padang Padang

Stunning bamboo structure for a restaurant of an eco resort
Photo credit: Suarga Padang Padang.

Set close to Bali’s iconic beaches and just a little distance from the temples of Uluwatu, Suarga Padang Padang promises luxury, comfort, and closeness with mother nature. Although the resort’s motto, ‘rough luxury,’ sounds intimidating, guests forget everything when heading to this blissful destination.

The resort offers stunning pavilions and villas, each allowing guests to learn about Balinese culture without worrying about a thing. The villas and rooms are dressed equally with style and contain numerous elements of Balinese culture, inviting guests to an immersive and luxurious stay.

La Cabane

The interior of a room with double bed with mosquito net in a white brown simple design.
Photo credit: La Cabane.

Head to one of Bali’s most intimate destinations: La Cabane, set against the hilltops at Balangan and overlooking the stunning scenery accompanying them. La Cabane offers an illustrious accommodation for travelers and tourists hoping to reconnect with nature without losing their grasp on comfort and luxury.

La Cabane offers unique private villas, each adorned with bamboo furniture and beds lined to the core with soft, relaxing bedding. For travelers visiting La Cabane, the eco-lodge becomes more of a sanctuary where they can unwind and make memories.

Green Escape Eco & Boutique Resort

Swimming pool in the dusk with illuminated huts in the background.
Photo credit: Green Escape Bali.

Green Escape offers the perfect combination of luxury and comfort, allowing guests to disconnect from the world and live in the moment. With rustic bungalows set a distance apart from each other in a serene, close setting, Green Escape Eco and Boutique Resort is every minimalist’s dream.

The bungalows feature a completely organic interior, including bamboo furniture and organic linen bed sheets. Though dressed in simplicity, the bungalows offer every basic amenities and facility you’d expect at a five-star hotel.

The Elementum

The interior of a room with double bed, bamboo tub, wooden roof and grey concrete floor.
Photo credit: The Elementum.

A stone’s throw from Bingin Beach, The Elementum is a three-star luxury eco-resort inviting tourists worldwide. The Elementum relies on an eco-friendly system that ensures exhausted tourists find the bliss of luxury hotels without feeling guilty about their carbon footprint.

It offers luxurious villas, each offering the finest amenities and world-class facilities. Most tourists love to wind down on its organic bedding and enjoy its complimentary no-chemical and completely organic toiletries.

Sebatu Sanctuary

A small hut with canvas tent nestled in the rainforest.
Photo credit: Sebatu Sanctuary.

Just a few minutes from the infamous Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Sebatu Sanctuary invites you for a cup of luwak coffee while you listen to birds chirping from lush green trees. The eco-lodge is run privately by a couple who adore nature and prefer to keep close relationships with all cultures.

At Sebatu Sanctuary, guests stay at bamboo pods and tree houses, each styled to match its natural environment. Despite their primitive nature, lodges at Sebatu Sanctuary have modern facilities and luxurious amenities, including a minibar and ensuite bathroom.

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