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Category: Sustainable living

9 Ways Eco-Lodges Recycle Water

Both recycling water and reusing wastewater are important steps as they help reduce overall water consumption. Since conservation and sustainability

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14 Sustainable Building Materials Used by Eco-lodges

Eco-friendly building materials come from all over, from natural materials like hay and bamboo to repurposed steel and glass. The

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50+ Greenest Cities in the United States

While the United States may not rank among the top countries in renewable energy adoption on a national scale, numerous

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What is a Yurt? From Glamping To Living

In a world increasingly seeking sustainable and adaptable living solutions, the ancient yurt tent emerges as a fascinating blend of

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8 Leading Countries in Renewable Energy (2023)

Despite the general global landscape, there are certain countries that have consistently set an example in renewable energy production for

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