Arcadia Glamping is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Scotland – Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park. The stunning Loch Lomond is just 5 miles away and is the perfect place to go for a swim or take a walk to explore the beauty of this area.

There are two luxury glamping cabins on-site, and each one offers guests a unique and peaceful retreat. They are set on 21 acres of woodland and pasture, so offer the ultimate escape into nature. However, one of the best parts about these cabins is the outdoor baths! They give guests the chance to relax whilst admiring the views and looking out for nature. If you’re lucky, you might even get to spot a barn owl or wild deer that comes to graze on the grounds. It is also truly one of the most sustainable eco-lodges in Scotland.

Their story

In 2018, the owners purchased the land as a rural location for their studio. Rob is a sculptor and environmental artist, so this was the perfect spot for them. However, they also wanted to share this place with others, so decided to create two unique cabins in 2020. They wanted to welcome people to this beautiful area of Scotland and give them a remarkable experience.

The owners believe that a thriving, wildlife-rich environment positively affects a person’s physical and mental well-being, and they’re not wrong! Eventually, the long-term goal of Arcadia Glamping is to create a center of excellence for Sculpture and Environmental Arts. The owners would love to offer artist residencies and sculpture workshops to the public in the future. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • Arcadia Glamping is set on a former livery stable with outbuildings, so the foundations were already there for the site.
  • The cabins are set on 21 acres of woodland and pasture. Every step was taken to minimize the disruption to the local landscape, and instead, the owners sought to increase the biodiversity and ecology of the area.
  • Arcadia Glamping uses sustainable and 100% green energy sources to heat and light the cabins.
  • The lights they use are all low-energy LED’s and the appliances were all selected for their energy efficiency and cost.
  • Not only that but the cabins have been manufactured with high insulation values. These actually surpass current regulations.
  • Double-glazed windows have also been fitted in the cabins to keep heat loss minimal.
  • Arcadia Glamping is committed to recycling as much waste as possible. To help with this goal, all guests are supplied with recycling facilities.
  • Where possible, exterior, and interior furniture is either handmade, up-cycled, or recycled. This goes for fixtures and fittings too!
  • The textiles at Arcadia Glamping have also been carefully selected to reduce the environmental impact. If possible, fairly-traded fabrics are selected which are made using sustainable or renewable materials.
  • Even the wood used in outdoor fires is sourced from windfall trees on-site. All the lodges have a dry composting toilet, which helps to reduce water usage.
  • Where possible, Arcadia Glamping sources eco-friendly products for all its cabins.
  • This includes using Faith in Nature toiletries, which are from an ethical and cruelty-free company.
  • Eco-cleaning products, recycled kitchen paper, and toilet rolls are also used.
  • Arcadia Glamping is committed to minimizing its impact on the natural environment. One of the ways they do this is by increasing biodiversity and supporting the ecology of Loch Lomond and its national park.
  • They believe in wildlife-friendly gardening and leaving large areas untouched and uncultivated. This creates a sustainable habitat for wildlife and encourages species into the area.
  • The owners of Arcadia Glamping are also in the process of restoring neglected woodlands and fields to enhance the area for flora and fauna. This includes creating ponds, transforming the local woodland, and planting 500 native trees.
  • Visit Loch Lomond
  • Walk part of the West Highland Way
  • Visit the village of Luss
  • Try your hand at some water sports like kayaking
  • Hit the hiking trails
  • Ziplining



Arcadia Glamping Cabins is situated in the Scottish Highlands, 30 miles from Glasgow Airport.
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