Hideaway Under the Stars is situated in the foothills of Ben Rinnes in Moray, Scotland. This puts it in the perfect location to go hiking, and admire the beautiful Scottish countryside. The village of Aberlour is also located here, allowing guests to head to distilleries, or visit the nearby Cairngorms.

Hideaway Under the Stars is made up of one eco-lodge, and it’s filled with special touches, so guests can truly make the most out of their stay. The highlight has to be the spectacular roof dome where you can look out and admire the dark starry skies. Not only that, but you can help yourself to seasonal produce and free-range eggs whilst cooking. There is even a fire put outside for the ultimate cozy evening, where guests can roast marshmallows.

Their story

Hideaway Under the Stars began with a dream, as the owners wanted to start their own ethical and environmentally friendly family business. They wanted to create a unique holiday home that would blend seamlessly into the environment, and allow people to escape the stresses of daily life.

The purpose of Hideaway Under the Stars was to evoke inner peace and tranquility whilst surrounding guests with wildlife and natural beauty. In 2018 that dream became a reality! And now, it is one of Scotland’s most sustainable eco-lodges. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • Hideaway Under the Stars was built with clay earth, stone, straw, and wood – all of which were sourced locally in Moray.
  • These materials are all replenishable, and the straw bales were used for insulation purposes.
  • All the earth used in the construction of the eco-lodge came from on-site and was mixed with other substances to create the partitions and floor.
  • The outside wall of the eco-lodge was coated in lime wash for greater weather resistance, and the inside walls were painted with natural clay paint.
  • When it came to the insulation – straw was used for the walls, perlite was used for the roof, and glaypor was used for under the floor.
  • Hideaway Under the Stars is energy-smart and uses 100% renewable energy. This is to run both the eco-lodge, offices, and their own home.
  • One of the factors that make this eco-lodge so energy efficient is the earth used in the floor and walls.
  • This earth provides thermal mass, which has been likened to a storage heater. It helps keep a constant temperature all year round in the lodge, as it stores and releases heat.
  • This eco-lodge aims to reduce, reuse & recycle whatever and whenever possible.
  • All water, drainage, and sewage treatment are managed by the owners too.
  • Hideaway Under the Stars respects nature and is continually looking for innovative ways to improve its carbon footprint and environmental performance.
  • They buy local products whenever possible, and do their best to make sure they’re ethical and cruelty-free.
  • The owners of this eco-lodge also work with community organizations and local charities.
  • Not only that, but they help guests enjoy low-impact holidays and encourage environmental consideration. This encourages people to consider their carbon footprint, not just while they’re staying at the lodge, but as they head home too.
  • Hideaway Under the Stars also welcomes Workaway volunteers, where people can exchange their time and effort in exchange for a free stay.
  • Visit Aberlour Distillery
  • Hike up Ben Rinnes Mountain
  • Look for salmon at River Spey
  • Visit Speyside Cooperage
  • Explore the Cairngorms



Hideaway Under The Stars is situated in Scotland, UK. The closest airport is at Aberdeen International Airport. The latter is about 50 miles away.

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