Knoydart House is situated in the scenic Knoydart, which is out on a peninsula on the west coast of Scotland. You’ll find plenty to do in this beautiful area, and you can even take the ferry over to Mallaig and then the Isle of Sky if you wish.

There are only two properties on-site; Knoydart House and Knoydart Hide. Both offer the ultimate Scottish escape and allow guests an intimate experience, including a giant hot tub that offers stunning views of Loch Nevis and its beautiful surroundings.

The highlight of Knoydart House is that there is no light pollution here! That means you can enjoy panoramic views out of the huge glass windows and stargaze the beautiful Milky Way.

Their story

Jackie and Ian moved to Knoydart over 30 years ago and originally ran a pub. After they sold it, they had a dream to create a special self-catering accommodation for two.

After falling in love with Knoydart themselves with its folk music, community, and scenery – naturally, Knoydart House and Knoydart Hide were built. These Scottish eco-lodges allow people to connect with the wilderness of Scotland and enjoy the beauty of travel.

Not only did Jackie and Ian want to offer guests a peaceful and friendly getaway, but they’ve also worked hard to include some luxuries too! On-site, you’ll find a masseuse, and the owners can put you in contact with a seafood caterer who will deliver a seafood platter right to your door. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • Knoydart House and the Studio Room were built with eco-solutions in mind. That includes larch cladding and environmentally sensitive insulation materials.
  • Knoydart Hide is the newest property on-site and has a copper handmade roof. It’s set amongst designated ancient woodland and fits right into the landscape.
  • Both Knoydart House and Knoydart Hide are off-grid. A small hydro-scheme powers the electricity that is dependent on rainwater that collects in the hill lochs and powers the community.
  • Both lodges run on solar PV with an inverter generator backup when the hydro scheme isn’t generating their electricity. These inverter batteries store unused solar energy, so they are a great backup!
  • There are also thermal heat pumps within the lodges and a wood-burning stove that uses locally sourced sustainable wood.
  • Also, the properties have half-flush toilets to reduce water usage, high-grade insulation, and energy-efficient appliances. Low-energy light bulbs are also used throughout.
  • The drinking water comes fresh from the hills and passes through commercial UV filters. It’s completely unchlorinated so that you can enjoy the very best of Scotland’s highland spring water.
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  • The owners at Knoydart House actively encourage their visitors to support local businesses, reduce food miles and encourage local employment and economic sustainability.
  • They also have a 100% commitment to local suppliers to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • There is also a local community garden that grows fresh produce that Jackie and Ian make available for sale when they can!
  • There is no light pollution here. Guests are asked to preserve this by not leaving unnecessary lights on.
  • Knoydart House is currently undergoing a carbon audit to illustrate its sustainability and to see if other measures are needed to be taken.
  • Going on woodland walks
  • Head out on a RIB wildlife cruise
  • Learn some water skills like paddleboarding
  • Go hiking in the surrounding area
  • Visit the Knoydart Foundation Ranger Service
  • Dolphin, seal, and whale watching



Knoydart House is situated in Scotland, UK. The closest airport is at Aberdeen International Airport, approx. 200 miles away.
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