Olas Tulum is an intimate, boutique hotel that celebrates the connection between people and nature. Located on Boca Paila Road in Tulum, this property truly showcases what Mexico has to offer.

Their ocean villa suites offer modern design, but with the luxury of stepping into nature. Many of the suites are located meters away from the beach, with clear sea views and are shaded underneath a canopy of coconut palm trees. They are the perfect place to relax and be at one with nature.

Their story

The vision of Olas Tulum was first created when a property was found at the end of the beach road, at the gateway to the biosphere reserve. The house was built in the 1970s and had been specifically designed to work in synthesis with its surrounding natural environment.

Today, it’s the oldest structure on Tulum beach and has been lovingly restored to make it even more sustainable. The ingenuity of the original design has allowed Olas Tulum to operate sustainably all these years later. Read more about them here. All photos are credited to Olas Tulum B&B, Tanveer Badel.

Sustainability actions

  • An Austrian engineer and naturalist designed the architecture of the main villa. He had the vision to build a home in harmony with nature.
  • The property was built in the 1970s and has since been fitted with state-of-the-art solar panels to make it sustainable.
  • There are also a few subtle design features that help make the property more environmentally friendly.
  • One of these is the curvature of the walls, which helps to channel the flow of the sea breeze. This eliminates the need for air-conditioning and therefore reduces energy consumption.
  • The Palapas and mature coconut grove planted over 50 years ago still shade the property from the heat of the afternoon sun, which also helps to cool the villa.
  • The entire property is powered by solar energy from photovoltaic panels on the roof.
  • On the rare days when the clouds mask the sun, a small generator is used to power Olas Tulum.
  • When it rains, the intricate system here collects rainwater, which is used to feed the vegetation on-site.
  • Olas Tulum also doesn’t rely on water from the town. An underground river system feeds it. Water is captured from the neighboring cenote and is then transferred to cisterns on the roof. Gravity then feeds it down into each suite.
  • When it comes to waste management, Olas Tulum has a variety of systems in place.
  • Organic food is composted on-site and is used to feed the vegetation throughout the year.
  • They have a septic system called a “Pirana”, which is an aerobic bacteria generator. It digests and recycles organic solid waste entering the tank by moving it through three chambers. The waste is filtered through charcoal, turning black water into non-harmful greywater.
  • There is then a “humidal” installed on-site, which is a traditional Mayan treatment system. It’s used to turn the greywater into water that can feed phosphorus-loving plants.
  • Olas Tulum’s kitchen knows where all its ingredients come from, and makes it their mission to support local providers.
  • All the fruit and vegetables come from regional farms, and their eggs and cheese come from the Mennonite community. The seafood used in their kitchen is sourced from local fishermen.
  • Olas Tulum is committed to cooking with fresh produce daily and limiting its kitchen waste.
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Most Popular Activities near Olas Tulum

  • Visit some Mayan ruins
  • Relax on Playa Paraiso beach
  • Marvel at Chichen Itza
  • Explore the underground cenotes near Tulum
  • Take photographs at Daniel Popper’s art sculpture
  • Go snorkeling in Tulum’s clear waters



Olas Tulum is approx. 130 km away from Cancun International Airport. Transportation to and from airport is not included.
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