Waters Edge Eco Lodge is an all-season, lakeside lodge nestled in the boreal forest at the water’s edge on Greig Lake. Luxurious accommodation is set in the beautiful natural environment of the Meadow Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Three seasonal lakefront rental cottages are also available for families or groups. Two unique event venues are available for weddings, reunions, retreats, and conferences.

Sustainable ecological practices have been incorporated in the design, construction, and operation of Waters Edge Eco Lodge. We strive to practice environmental sustainability by making decisions and taking actions that are in the interests of protecting our planet by practicing and promoting energy efficiency, water conservation, organic gardening, composting, and the 3 R’s-Recycle, Reduce and Reuse. 

Their story

The creative force behind Waters Edge Eco Lodges was Shelly Pikowicz. She had a dream to create a quiet, secluded place wrapped by nature, where anyone can escape and rejuvenate. In 2012, she saw a request from Saskatchewan Parks to develop rental accommodation in Meadow Lake Provincial Park near Greig Lake. She submitted a proposal and won. Her whole family participated in the construction and the operation.

Since May 2022, Waterhen Lake First Nation has acquired the Water’s Edge Eco Lodge. They plan to expand the lodge and introduce a 10-unit Teepee Village to provide guests with an indigenous experience. The site holds historical significance for the First Nations people, making it an ideal place to share their culture and history. Read more about them here.

Featured review


I love this place! I’ve stayed at Waters Edge several times in multiple seasons because it’s such a great gem in northwest Saskatchewan.

It’s one of those places you go to get away and enjoy hanging out on the property (hiking, cross-country skiing, paddling or just lounging in the hammocks or the cozy corners perfect for reading or playing games. In front of the fireplace is one of my favourite spot.).

Since each room faces east, you’ll always get woken by the most gorgeous sunrises over the lake. I highly recommend a getaway to Waters Edge!

Ashlyn George, The Lost Girls Guide

Sustainability actions

  • Local labor and local material were used in construction. Rough-cut lumber was used extensively on the outside and inside the building. Every effort has been made to minimize the disturbance to the land.
  • The ground has been restored to a natural state as the wild grasses, plants & flowers have been allowed to come back in abundance.
  • During excavation, no mature trees were taken down. They have used the existing landscape as much as possible, and natural species native to the area have been preserved and planted to showcase the beauty of all that Mother Nature has to offer. 
  • Walking paths are mowed through the wild grasses as an alternative to extensive landscaping.
  • Geothermal heating and cooling are used to harness energy from the Earth, which reduces our fossil fuel consumption.
  • Triple-pane windows are used to reduce energy loss.
  • LED and fluorescent lighting reduces power consumption.
  • Washer, dryer, and dishwasher are water and energy efficient.
  • They made a conscious decision not to provide TVs in the lodge. 
  • Landscaping is at a minimum to reduce fossil fuel emissions from lawn mowing and reduce disturbance to the natural environment, allowing native species to flourish.
  • Recycling, reducing, and reusing are at the forefront of our thoughts during the construction, design, and operation of Waters Edge Eco Lodge. The 3 R’s and an awareness of environmental sustainability are encouraged.
  • Many recycle bins around the lodge are available to store recycled materials before being hauled to recycling depots.
  • They are taking measures to reuse wherever they can. This may come from using cloth napkins to turning off lights to conserving water. Some examples of this are making signs from the old tin found on site, using old bottles and jars found during an excavation in the décor, composting, and finding uses for leftover construction material.
  • To use water responsibly, guest rooms have showers, not bathtubs, since generally, showers use less water. Water faucets and toilets are flow restricted. Wash clothes are used to dry hands in our public washrooms to reduce paper towel waste. 
  • Soaps and lotions are purchased in bulk and put in decanters to reduce disposable containers.
  • They do not use disposable plates, cups, napkins, and tablecloths in the Lodge or Event Venues or allow the use of these items when the Event Venues are rented out. They provide glassware, cutlery, cloth tablecloths, and napkins. 
  • They use earth friendly laundry detergent. Soaps and Lotions are 100% natural personal care products.
  • Chemicals are not used in the organic garden. Crop rotation, cover crops, and companion planting are practices used to maintain healthy soil. Mulching is practiced for weed control and water retention.
  • Our on-site organic garden produces a fresh, healthy, sustainable food source and allows us to reduce transportation pollution.
  • Organic produce is purchased when possible to support agriculture without pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Local goods are sourced and purchased whenever possible.
  • They work with Saskatchewan Parks and Tourism Saskatchewan to jointly promote and provide opportunities for guests to appreciate the natural environment.
  • They actively develop a trail system utilizing previous roads and trails. 
  • They partnered with local associations, artisans, and entrepreneurs to promote this area.
  • Invasive plants that are not native to the region are being removed as requested by Saskatchewan Parks like caragan, chamomile, tansley, or water hemlock, which is an extremely poisonous plant but takes care to preserve native species. 

Most popular activities near Waters Edge Eco Lodge

  • Complimentary canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, paddle boat, hiking trails, swings, snow shoes.
  • Groomed cross country ski trails and clearing a spot on the lake for skating.
  • Wildlife and birds are abundant and bring awe to our guests.
  • Stargazing and Northern lights are also a popular activity.
  • Indoor wood-burning fireplace, books, games, and puzzles for indoor activities.

Best time to visit Waters Edge Eco Lodge

  • It is open all year around, even during the winter months.
  • If you want to view the Northern Lights, plan your visit between October and March. Please be prepared as temperature drops and remain below freezing point during all winter.



per person per night

  • 8 Guest rooms (up to 2 people)
    $ 112-132
  • 3 Cottages (up to 6 people)
    $ 220-252


Waters Edge Eco Lodge is situated near Greig Lake in Meadow Lake Provincial Park, Saskatchewan, Canada. It is 350 km from the nearest airport. Transport needs to be arranged by the visitor.