Nestle yourself into WildSpring Guest Habitat, a cozy bed and breakfast on the breathtaking coast of southern Oregon. This eco-friendly B&B resort sits on five acres of forest land, with five guest cabins cocooned into trees. 60 miles north of California, this charming resort offers the best of nature and luxury.

WildSpring Guest Habitat is a collection of small guest cabins. These 100-foot tall trees create a sense of privacy and escape. Being set in such a beautiful location has inspired the owners to keep WildSpring environmentally sensitive. WildSpring has won several awards for its commitment to sustainability. They are even an official birding spot on the Oregon Coast Birding Trail.

Get lost in the walking labyrinth, listen to the bird song, or relax in the hot tub: WildSpring melds luxury and nature with ease. The ocean is only a 1/2 mile walk from the entrance — if you are lucky, you may see a whale off the horizon!

Their story

Dean & Michelle Duarte (pictured above) moved up to Oregon from Los Angeles to build a B&B resort that would have been at home in Big Sur, California. The Duartes emphasized the guests’ well-being, creating a place where guests could feel like they were on another planet and enjoy a respite from their daily lives.

With only five cabin suites built like small homes filled with art and antiques, set in a peaceful, secluded forest of 100-ft trees, WildSpring makes guests feel more like they’re visiting a private estate than commercial lodging. The B&B resort is right outside of Port Orford, a quaint town in southern Oregon that hosts a number of attractions, from art galleries to state parks.

The Duartes felt blessed with the natural beauty of the land at WildSpring, and thus they decided to create an eco-friendly resort. In the construction of the cabins, they used local contractors who shared their vision of protecting the natural habitats on the land. Along with the landscaping, WildSpring showcases the beauty of natural materials, like the wood used in the guest cabins.

WildSpring is guided by three main questions: Will it be beautiful in a natural way? Will it help protect the environment? Will it make guests feel cared for? Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • Out of the entire five-acre property, contractors only had to remove 2 living trees to build the cabins for WildSpring.
  • Sustainable materials, VOC-free paints, and minimal carpeting are used wherever possible.
  • The guest cabins are outfitted with vintage and antique furniture, reducing the demand for new furniture. Some light fixtures and decorative pieces are repurposed as well.
  • All the plants on the ground are native, allowed to grow naturally, and irrigated only by the Oregon rain.
  • All appliances are energy-efficient, and low-wattage, energy efficient bulbs are used wherever possible. During the day, the Guest Hall is lit by skylights.
  • WildSpring abides by the Port Orford Dark Skies Initiative, which allows the stars in the night sky to shine without light pollution.
  • WildSpring offsets its carbon emissions to achieve a net-zero carbon footprint.
  • If you have an electric vehicle, you can charge it at WildSpring’s universal charging post.
  • WildSpring uses recycled materials for promotional material.
  • The municipal recycling program is lacking, so WildSpring takes the extra time and energy to store recyclables until they can be disposed of properly at the most opportune facility.
  • WildSpring does not use plastic, and until COVID-19, they did not use single-use containers. All their products and packaging are biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable
  • There is no on-site composting at WildSpring, instead, compost materials are given to a local farm. 
  • WildSpring cleans their cabins and guest areas with ph-neutral, nontoxic, and scent-free products. The toiletries provided for guests are 100% natural.
  • The owners of WildSpring do not excessively maintain their grounds, so there is no need for irrigation or pesticides
  • The “breakfast” part of the bed and breakfast includes a wide selection of organic treats, including homemade granola and organic, fair-trade, and solar-roasted coffee.
  • WildSpring staffs their operation with locals. They used local contractors for the renovation, ones who shared their love for the neighborhood and nature. 
  • WildSpring promotes responsible tourism in Port Orford. They encourage their guests to reuse towels and sheets, lower their energy use, and enjoy the beauty of nature rather than a TV.
  • WildSpring donates unused food to the local efforts to fight hunger.
  • WildSpring donates funds to a list of local organizations like the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy, Columbia Land Conservancy, World Pulse, Habitat for Humanity, Bioneers, and the Kalmiopsis Audubon Society.

Most Popular Activities near WildSpring Guest Habitat

  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Kayaking
  • Whale watching
  • Golf
  • Horseback riding

Best time to visit WildSpring Guest Habitat

  • The most predictable weather with sunshine and is between mid-May and mid-October. In the summer, Port Orford is known for its strong prevailing winds (35+mph in the afternoons) although the B&B resort is protected from them.



WildSpring Guest Habitat is 90km away from North Bend Municipal Airport. No airport pick up is offered.
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