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Category: Sustainable travel

Is Carbon Offsetting Travel Better Than Nothing? Pros and Cons

While reducing emissions is a great goal to have, there are challenges that arise when trying to offset the impact

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7 Ways to Make Your Air Travel More Sustainable

The world is waking up about carbon emissions and their impact on the world around us. Flying is one of

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All Hawaii Airports (2024) + Map

Hawaii is home to five international airports and six regional airports that serve as gateways for both local and international

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Experience Blue Zones via Sustainable Travel

In the quest for longevity and wellness, the world’s Blue Zones have emerged as intriguing destinations. These regions, known for

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All Costa Rica Airports (2024)

Costa Rica, spanning over 19,000 square miles, has three international and 14 domestic airports. Despite its relatively small size, travel

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How New Airline Routes Are Shaping 2024 International Travel Trends

In the dynamic world of international travel, announcing new airline routes is more than just a logistical update; it’s a

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