Connect with the wildlife and culture of Canada at Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge. This luxury eco-lodge in British Columbia offers superb cuisine and top-quality lodging, with reverence for the beauty of the location.

Nestled on Vancouver Island, guests experience the sights and sounds of the Canadian boreal forest with the comfort and luxury of an award-winning hotel. The lodging comprises 25 canvas tents that line the shore. This is no rugged camping though, rather a curated escape from the everyday.

Just off of Clayoquot Sound, guests can enjoy magnificent views, gourmet foods, wilderness adventure, and a realizing spa. The Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge melds the five-star hotel experience with the beauty of the wilderness, offering a one-of-a-kind escape for those looking to relax.

Their story

Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge sits within the Clayoquot Sound Biosphere Reserve on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The evergreen forests slope down mountains and meet the Clayoquot Sound. Right on the water is the Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge, an eco-lodge where all the beauty of nature shines through.

The founder of Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge, Richard Genovese, was inspired by the landscape and decided to open the lodge to share his love for the area. In 2000, Genovese bought and opened the 600-acre resort. For seventeen years, the lodge was lauded for its eco-safari approach. After Genovese died, the property was acquired by KSL Capital Partners, who bought the property in hopes of maintaining Genovese’s vision.

The Baillie Lodges network currently maintains the Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge. They have renovated the Lodge to bring it back to its former glory with all the contemporary styles of 2021. The Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is currently the most remote and wild offering of the Baillie Lodges. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • The property is managed with dynamic environmental management, which embraces emerging technology in sustainability. 
  • The Lodge actively partners with local organizations and government agencies to ensure all activities are in line with conservation goals.
  • Two small lumber mills on the property process naturally fallen trees for furniture, firewood, and building materials
  • The Lodge runs on two diesel generators. The power switches between the two periodically, resulting in a 50% decrease in fuel consumption. 
  • Energy demand is reduced with LED light fixtures. 
  • Fuel consumption is heavily monitored so as two ensure maximized fuel efficiency. 
  • Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge has an extensive recycling program with Westcoast Recycling.
  • There is no single-use plastic available, rather glass, stainless steel, or biodegradable materials are used. 
  • The Lodge uses a BIOvator, a composting machine that turns organic waste into highly viable compost in 30 days. Heat kills pathogens and bacteria, so the natural environment is protected from non-resident biologicals in the compost. 
  • Guest toiletries are kept in refillable containers rather than small, single-use ones. 
  • The property has a garden and greenhouse, which provides the Lodge with organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. 
  • There is an onsite beekeeping program that should start producing honey by 2022. 
  • The Lodge has an Environmental Legacy Program, which manifests as a 3% surcharge. This fund supports sustainability initiatives for the Lodge.
  • Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge has a deep partnership with local suppliers, especially with food and drink producers.

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Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is located on Vancover Island. Scheduled seaplanes operate on set departures from Vancouver International Airport on Thursdays and Sundays.

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