Relax, recharge and rejuvenate at Nurture Through Nature, an eco-friendly retreat center nestled on the slopes of Pleasant Mountain. This retreat is located on 33 quiet acres of land, filled with forests and winding trails perfect for forestbathing. Enjoy views of the White Mountain National Forest in Maine while reconnecting to your true self.

As Maine’s first green-certified retreat center, Nurture Through Nature not only offers a return to balance but a low-impact getaway from modern life. With workshops and classes on qi gong, yoga, meditation, and holistic living, guests learn the true power of simple intentional living. Hiking and canoeing offer a physical adventure to explore the beautiful forests of Maine.

Right outside of Denmark, Maine, this New England destination is perfect in every season. At the northernmost portion of the Appalachian Mountains, the protected land surrounding the retreat offers a pure experience in nature.

Their story

Nurture Through Nature was created by Jen Deraspe, founder and director of the retreat. What started with a canoe and a fire pit has grown into a recognized eco-retreat that shows the true restorative power of nature. 

Deraspe first had the idea for the retreat in 1998, when she realized her job was not fulfilling her.  She returned to nature and knew she needed to help other people share this experience. She started as a nature guide and ski patrol, then started leading retreats. For seven years, she held retreats without a base camp, but eventually, she was able to create a base for her retreats.

As she slowly built more permanent structures, Deraspe learned to lower the impact of her retreat, from low-impact yurts to composting toilets. For twenty years, she has been learning and growing, and the experience shows through in every retreat.

Through love, hard work, and persistence, Deraspe has been able to create an eco-friendly yurt glamping experience companied with retreats unlike any other: one that emphasizes the power and sanctity of nature. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • The retreat is a mix of structures, some preexisting and others crafted by local carpenters. Trees were logged from the property, but with respect to the wildlife.
  • The retreat also has a yurt built by hand onsite. The materials were brought in on foot; there is no road access to the site.
  • The State of Maine certified Nurture Through Nature as an Environmental Leader.
  • Energy use onsite is minimal, supported by solar panels.
  • Most heating comes from firewood. The small footprint of indoor spaces reduces overall energy needs. 
  • The retreat is an EPA Green Power Partner.
  • The retreat has composting toilets, which are then used to add nutrients to the soil.
  • Everything that can be recycled is. Nurture Through Nature is a single-use plastic-free retreat.
  • Water comes from a pure mountain spring.
  • Nurture Through Nature purchases goods from local shops and farms, including organic food.
  • Only eco-friendly cleaning products are used.
  • The retreat was a collective project from many volunteers over many years. 
  • The buildings reflect the beauty of the Maine hardwood forest. Using local wood also reduces carbon emissions from material transport.
  • Deraspe routinely volunteers with local organizations, like the Maine Correctional Facility.

Most popular activities near Nurture Through Nature

  • Individual, couple, or group retreats
  • Classes & workshops
  • Wood-fired sauna
  • Hiking through private trails
  • Paddling
  • Skiing, snowshoeing

Best time to visit Nurture Through Nature

  • The best weather in Maine is between June and August. If you would like to avoid the crowds and enjoy a more relaxed holiday, the best time to visit Maine is during the spring or fall.



per 2 persons per night

  • Harmony Eco-Cabin
    $ 116
  • Robin’s Nest Eco-Cabin
    $ 130
  • Sunset Yurt
    $ 130
  • Mountain Brook Yurt
    $ 134
  • Mount Pleasant Lodge
    $ 114
  • Backcountry Camping
    $ 25


Nurture Through Nature is 230km away from Albuquerque International Sunport. No airport pick up is offered.
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