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Yurt Glamping Offered by Eco-Lodges Worldwide

Yurt Glamping Offered by Eco-Lodges Worldwide

Explore yurt glamping, a unique form of accommodation to discover the great outdoors. Glamping sites as well as sustainable eco-lodges offer this distinctive form of lodging, that draws inspiration from traditional Mongolian yurts. These sites provide the perfect getaway for those seeking tranquility and a closer connection with nature.

Imagine unwinding in a spacious, beautifully furnished yurt, complete with all the modern comforts, yet nestled in serene natural surroundings. As the day turns to evening, gather around a fire pit under a starlit sky, immersing yourself in the peace.

Yurt glamping is more than just a stay; it’s an experience that harmoniously blends adventure, comfort, and the timeless allure of nature. Each of the below eco-lodges provides a unique yurt experience while emphasizing eco-friendly practices and sustainability.

What is yurt glamping?

Yurt glamping is a form of camping that involves staying in yurt tents, which are circular, tent-like structures traditionally used by nomads in Central Asia. These yurts are often equipped with modern amenities such as comfortable beds, electricity, and sometimes even plumbing, offering a more upscale and comfortable outdoor experience compared to traditional camping.

What are eco-lodges?

Eco-lodges are accommodations in undisturbed, remote natural areas where both construction and operation have the lowest impact possible on the environment. They are not only part of the local community, but they are active participants in protecting nature and culturally sensitive areas.

Yurt Glamping in America

Nurture Through Nature – Maine, US

Yurt in the woods
Photo credit: Nurture Through Nature.

Nestled in the pristine forests of Maine, Nurture Through Nature is an eco-retreat that offers a tranquil escape in eco-friendly yurts. It is also Maine’s first Green-Certified earth-friendly retreat center. Guests can indulge in activities like guided meditation, yoga, and nature walks amidst 33 mountainsides, forested acres. The yurts, free from electricity, offer a chance to reconnect with nature and practice eco-conscious living, providing a serene camping experience under the stars with all necessary comforts.

Orca Island Cabins – Alaska , US

A yurt on the seaside at the foot of the hill.
Photo credit: Orca Island Cabins.

Orca Island Cabins, set in the stunning Humpy Cove of Alaska, provides a unique opportunity to experience the rugged beauty of Alaska National Parks. These yurts offer a cozy base for exploring the wilderness, where guests can embark on adventures like kayaking and wildlife watching, and even have a chance to see the Northern Lights in certain seasons.

They feature living and dining areas, fully-equipped kitchens, private bathrooms with running water, and private decks for sunset viewing. Powered by solar energy and propane, they offer a blend of luxury and sustainability, perfect for activities like kayaking, fishing, and wildlife viewing.

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Rockabye Ridge Farm – New York, US

Green and yellow yurt covered in snow
Photo credit: Rockabye Ridge Farm.

Rockabye Ridge Farm in New York, located amidst the rolling hills and renowned vineyards of Seneca Lake, offers a charming yurt experience. This luxurious take on traditional camping includes modern amenities and beautiful natural surroundings, perfect for those looking to explore the best cool climate wines in the world.

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Treebones Resort – California, US

Several colorful yurts in the forest
Photo credit: Treebones Resort.

Overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean, Treebones Resort in California is a haven for those looking to explore the National Parks in California. The resort’s yurts provide a unique vantage point to appreciate the state’s natural beauty. These luxurious yurts, part of a premier glamping experience, offer expansive views and a peaceful ambiance, ideal for guests aged 13 and above.

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Lova Lava Land – Hawaii, US

Lova Lava Land offers an eco-friendly yurt experience set on the Big Island that is the perfect starting point to explore all the things to do in Hawaii. These yurts are surrounded by volcanic landscapes and lush vegetation, offering a unique blend of adventure and sustainability. The resort is 100% off-grid and solar-powered, providing a unique experience with communal outdoor showers, kitchens, and a lava rock grill.

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Nature’s Harmony – Ontario, Canada

White yurt in the woods
Photo credit: Nature’s Harmony.

In the heart of Ontario’s natural landscapes, Nature’s Harmony offers cozy yurt accommodations. These yurts provide a perfect escape into the Canadian wilderness, with opportunities for hiking, skiing, and wildlife observation.

Wya Point Resort – British Columbia, Canada

Green yurt with red door in the woods
Photo credit: Wya Point Resort.

Wya Point Resort offers a charming eco-lodge experience, highlighted by its range of accommodations including lodges, RV campsites, and notably, its eco-friendly yurts. These yurts, available in various sizes including the popular Hummingbird Yurt for honeymooners.

It operates off-the-grid. Emphasizing sustainability, Wya Point uses locally sourced materials for construction and incorporates energy-efficient features like LED lighting and water-saving toilets and showers across its facilities.

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Yurt Glamping in Europe

Cotna Eco-Retreat – Cornwall, UK

Three white yurts in a grass.
Photo credit: Cotna Eco Retreat.

Cotna Eco-Retreat nestled in the Roseland Peninsula of South Cornwall, offers a unique glamping experience with its three yurts, a shepherd’s hut, and a rustic strawbale barn. Guests can enjoy off-road walks through woodlands to Cornwall’s serene beaches, indulge in organic vegetarian food hampers, and learn about wild-food foraging, no-dig gardening, or sourdough bread-making. It is also an ideal base for exploring the sandy beaches to swim, kayak, or paddleboard.

→ You can find even more sustainable eco-lodges in Cornwall.

Valverde Ecolodge – Portugal

Green and white yurt with a wooden deck
Photo credit: Valverde Eco Lodge.

Valverde Ecolodge & Retreats located in the beautiful Algarve in southern Portugal, is a unique eco-friendly retreat center. The lodge features a tipi village, which includes five tipis built in a circle around a yurt. Each tipi, equipped with comfortable beds, offers a unique experience where guests can relax to the sounds of nature, including cicadas and nightingales, and enjoy a bonfire under a star-filled sky. The lodge is just a 15-minute drive to both west and south coast beaches.

Yurt Glamping in Africa

Southern Yurts, Zanzibar

Yurt in Africa on sandy, rocky red soil
Photo credit: Alexander Oelofse, Paige Bannatyne, Southern Yurts.

Counted among Zanzibar’s most stunning glamping experiences, the Southern Yurts invites guests to a rustic, raw, and immersive experience with Mother Nature. Intricately balancing luxury and an openness with nature, Southern Yurts are nestled in the mesmerizing rolling hills just a short distance from the sea.

Southern Yurts are designed to complement their surroundings perfectly; each yurt is dressed in a plainness that makes it almost impossible to spot within the trees. Nature-lover guests can benefit from its unique appearance by getting close to native wildlife and frequently frolicking in the area.

An unexpected opulence awaits inside; a simple room adorned with luscious furniture and comfortable bedding. Guests can even avail themselves of luxurious amenities and facilities, including bonfires, where guests can learn more about Zanzibar’s pleasing culture.

Yurt Glamping in Asia

Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia

Two yurts on a grassy terraine with two people standing in front of one and waving.
Photo credit: Three Camel Lodge.

Set close to the majestic dunes of the Gobi Desert, the Three Camel Lodge invites guests to unravel the mystic culture of the Mongolian nomads. The lodge, designed to mimic its surroundings, presents guests with a relaxing interlude from the monotonous routines of life.

The lodge has surprisingly luxurious amenities and even more opulent rooms; most guests will have difficulty believing they’re staying close to the golden dunes.

With vibrant carpets and camel-hair blankets, the lodge is already comforting. Still, guests can take a cultural trip to learn about Mongolian history and traditions, making their stay more immersive than imaginable.

Ikh Nart Rocks Ger Camp, Mongolia

Several yurts in line on a grassy terraine
Photo credit: Ikh Nart Rocks Ger Camp, Nomadic Journeys.

One of the world’s most mesmerizing places, the Ikh Nart Rocks Ger Camp operated by Nomadic Journeys is an eco-friendly ger set in the Ikh Nartiin Chuluu Nature Reserve in Eastern Gobi of Mongolia. With a stunning blue sky that slowly climbs to the sky, the Ikh Nart Rocks Ger Camp serves as the perfect escape from everyday exhaustion.

The yurt is particularly popular with spiritual lovers and fitness gurus who want to explore the world while staying connected to Mother Nature. Like most Mongolian yurts, this one is also run by the nomads, who are happy to provide their guests with an intricate run down of their ancient adventures.

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