Learn all about biodynamic farming or just relax and enjoy nature at Pu’u O Hoku Ranch, an eco-lodge in Hawaii. Surrounded by more than 14,000 acres of protected land, Pu’u O Hoku Ranch allows you to immerse yourself in the Hawaii of the past. The ocean is pure, the breeze is fresh, and the stars light up the night sky.

The lodging sits within a working ranch and farm. Cattle and wild axis deer graze on the property. The farm offers biodynamic and organic produce, from bananas to Hawaiian ‘awa root. Staying at Pu’u O Hoku brings nature and sustainable agriculture to you. The property has sweeping news of the ocean and the neighboring island of Maui. 

Pu’u O Hoku Ranch offers a rustic experience, either in the main lodge or the smaller cottages dotted on the property. The rooms offer comfort and cleanliness while not overpowering the magic within the natural setting.

Their story

2 young ladies are smiling and standing in front of a bamboo forest. They are holding colorful flower bouquets.

In 1980, Lavinia Currier traveled to Molokai, a small island off the coast of Maui, looking to buy a piece of land for the Nature Conservancy to protect. Lavinia was enthralled by the land and was looking to buy the ranch to conserve. Through a bit of luck and a twist of fate, Lavinia was able to purchase the ranch.

The ranch was degraded and overgrazed, so Lavinia took it upon herself to revive the land and maintain it for future generations. She envisions the island as a self-sufficient community, sustainable enough to last for generations. Even with the negative impacts of climate change and invasive species, Lavinia continues to better the land she obtained. 

Pu’u O Hoku Ranch is family-owned, named after the Hawaii name meaning “Hill of Stars.” The name fits, as this property’s beauty shines just as brightly as night. The property includes a biodynamic and organic ranch and farm, a rustic retreat center — all steps away from the ocean.

Swim, surf, stargaze, hike, and enjoy all Molokai has to offer. One of the lesser-known Hawaiian islands, Molokai demonstrates the beauty of Hawaii’s past. Visit Pu’u O Hoku Ranch for a relaxing retreat where you can enjoy nature free of distractions. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • Lavinia has spent over 34 years restoring the land on the ranch. When she bought the land, it was degraded from improper ranching. She rehabilitates the land and now practices rotational grazing, which has a lower environmental footprint and even restores the land in the process.
  • Pu’u O Hoku Ranch has a native plant restoration project as well as an upland reforestation project. They are also working to reduce the non-native deer and pigs in their forest, which threaten the native flora and fauna.
  • Pu’u O Hoku uses solar, wind, and small-scale hydropower to power their operations. All the cottages are off the grid.
  • Lodge/cottage water is from the well on the property. 
  • Pu’u O Hoku has even designed their own solar-powered commercial dehydrator for their dried apple bananas.
  • Pu’u O Hoku recycles all paper, plastic, and metals.
  • Organic waste is used for compost and livestock operations.
  • There are no plastic packaged toiletries in the lodge or cottage, and only biodegradable materials are used for to-go picnic containers.
  • Pu’u O Hoku is Demeter Certified Biodynamic and CCOF certified organic.
  • Menus for guests are based on their own biodynamic garden and farm
  • The goal of the Pu’u O Hoku Ranch is to conserve Molokai’s natural beauty. Through ecological farming and restorative wildlife management, Pu’u O Hoku has reinvigorated the land it sits upon. Their motto is “to realize a bountiful land economy.”
  • Pu’u O Hoku also focuses on preserving Hawaiian culture. Through their Kanaloa’s Garden project, they have propagated rare and endangered species. These species were brought by the first Polynesian settlers to Hawaii.
  • Several thousand acres have been placed under conservation easements. The land also is protected for the Hawaiian state bird and the endangered Nene goose.
  • The Pu’u O Hoku team is composed of local community members. Their ranch store features the work of many small-scale, locally-owned, and locally-made brands.

Most Popular Activities near Pu’u O Hoku

  • Ocean kayaking and snorkeling
  • Community visits
  • Swim with dolphins, sea turtles, or octopuses
  • Nature walks in nature preserves
  • Enjoy magnificent sunsets
  • Swim in the waterfall

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Best time to visit Pu’u O Hoku

  • The best time to visit Hawaii is between March and September, when it sees the least rain and the highest temperatures. This is the perfect time to enjoy the beach or water.
  • However, Hawaii’s perennial warm weather makes it a good destination at any time of year, with pleasant temperatures between 23°C and 30°C.

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Pu’u O Hoku is 33km away from Kona International Airport. No airport pick up is offered.
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