The Sanctuary Cornwall is situated in the charming village of Golant, which is just two miles from Fowey Town. There are four en-suite bedrooms on-site and the beautiful Barn Owl Suite. All of them offer panoramic views of the countryside, river, and the village, and are the perfect place to kick back and relax.

The Sanctuary is in the perfect location to enjoy the beauty of Cornwall as it sits on 12 acres of land, which guests are free to explore. The path from the site leads right down onto the ‘Golant Downs’, which cover 100 acres of wild space.

Their story

Karen and David Johns bought a plot of land in 2015. When they bought the land, there was an old barn still on-site, which was then converted into one of the most sustainable eco-lodges in Cornwall.

They aim to encourage everyone to connect with the natural environment and engage with the local landscapes. Not only is the Sanctuary a place to relax, but Karen and David are hoping that they’ll be able to offer classes, walks, and courses soon as part of their stay! Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • The Sanctuary was built using much of the wood that had been taken apart when the old barn was taken down.
  • The rest of the building has been constructed with primarily local materials, as most of the interior wood was sourced within Cornwall. The cladding and milled larch is also sourced locally.
  • The property is insulated with wool that is made up of leftover bits from other industries, and this was supplied from Devon.
  • As well as the materials, the building is also designed to capture carbon as further insulation.
  • The Sanctuary is completely off-grid and uses solar power for electricity and heating. This is backed up by a log burner, where the property uses its own wood.
  • The lights at the property are only 5 Watts, and they’re dimmable to reduce energy usage. At the main entrance and corridors, the lights are motion censored to ensure that any lights aren’t left on unnecessarily.
  • They get their water supply via a borehole and are constantly aware of water usage, how the water gets to the rooms, and the costs of doing so.
  • All appliances at the property have been chosen, with energy ratings at the forefront of the decision.
  • Karen and John are also trying to install two further electric car charging pods in the car park, but for now, guests are welcome to book a charge at their house!
  • Recycling is at the forefront of everything the Sanctuary does.
  • Cardboard is sorted and either recycled or used as a weed suppressant and at the bottom of permaculture raised beds.
  • Plastic waste is also recycled, especially during the build. The owners even reuse polystyrene to insulate pots and the greenhouse during the winter months.
  • Where possible, glasses and other items are sourced from charity shops or local businesses that use recyclable materials. The owners also try to up-cycle and recycle fabrics and furniture whenever possible.
  • Guests are kindly asked to separate their waste into a recycle bin, and a composting caddy (both of which can be found in the rooms). Biodegradable bags are then supplied for anything else that can’t be recycled. When it comes to waste management, the Sanctuary has a septic tank.
  • All cleaning products used at the Sanctuary are either the Ecover Brand, or they’re homemade by using bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, and vinegar.
  • The soaps in the bathrooms here are made by the Clovelly Handmade Soap Company, which uses organic ingredients in its products where possible.
  • When it comes to protecting the environment and the community, the Sanctuary loves to get involved!
  • Not only are the owners trialing shampoo bars to avoid excess packaging, but they’re also producing their own hand soap using pure essential oils.
  • Guests are also actively encouraged to use the borehole water – and not to bring plastic bottles on-site. Guests can even hand in their plastic bottles to receive a complimentary metal water bottle to reduce their impact on the local environment and the planet.
  • Visit the Eden Project
  • Go walking in the ‘Golant Downs’
  • Visit St. Catherine’s Castle
  • Go on a guided kayak tour of Fowey Estuary
  • Visit the Fowey Valley Cider



The Sanctuary is situated in Cornwall, UK. The closest airport is at Newquay, Cornwall or Exeter International Airport. The latter is about 80 miles away.

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