La Gran Vista, nestled just outside San Isidro de General in South Pacific Costa Rica, stands as an Environmental Conservation Project and Educational Institute. Here, students, volunteers, and curious visitors delve into the workings of a tropical organic farm.

Offering hands-on experiences such as milking cows, harvesting mango trees, and exploring the realm of medicinal herbs, La Gran Vista fosters a deep understanding of life in its most elemental form within a fully sustainable community.

Their History

Established on January 16, 2001, as a non-profit endeavor, La Gran Vista aims to spread awareness of environmentally sustainable agricultural methods throughout the region. It serves as a beacon of successful practices, inspiring other farms to embrace organic farming, soil conservation, and ecological stewardship.

They believe that the best way to preserve our Planet is for everyone to be active and lend a helping hand to Mother Nature. The problems are right in front of us in the forms of greenhouse gases, massive landfills, pesticides in our food, and unclean drinking water.

They feel they cannot change the world in a day, but if they all do their part they can change the course of history. So start today and join them in their attempt to create a more sustainable future. Read more about them.

Sustainability actions

Lowest impact construction and operation

Highest level of energy efficiency

Pioneer in waste management

Using organic and chemical-free products

Actively protects nature and community

  • Hands-on agricultural experiences such as milking cows and harvesting fruits.
  • Educational tours exploring organic farming practices and sustainable living.
  • Engagement in conservation projects like reforestation and soil conservation.
  • Breathtaking views of El Valle de General and Costa Rica’s tallest mountains, including Mount Chirripo.
  • Butterfly Museum
  • Horse riding
  • River rafting
  • Close to Uvita beach and Nauyaca waterfalls
  • Birdwatching (about 20 Costa Rican birds can be seen there)

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Best time to visit La Gran Vista

  • Dry season starts around mid-December and lasts until mid-April. If you want to enjoy sunshine all day, visit between these dates.
  • The humidity in Costa Rica is high all year around, but it feel less during the hot dry season.
  • Smaller showers or thunderstorms can be expected all year around, so please be prepared.

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