Nestled amidst the picturesque foothills of Cabo Rojo in southwestern Puerto Rico, 4 Casitas eco-B&B invites you to experience a serene getaway on their family-owned private property. Resting on seven acres of lush farmland, this charming retreat offers a tranquil escape under the idyllic skies.

Start your day with a delicious home-cooked breakfast, compliments of the gracious hosts, and indulge in leisurely activities on the farm. At 4 Casitas eco-B&B, you’ll discover a harmonious blend of relaxation, exploration, and authentic Puerto Rican hospitality.

Their story

Fernando and Joonseong, the owners of 4 Casitas eco-B&B, have a deep passion for farming, animals, bird watching, and sustainable living. They find joy in sharing their love for nature, meeting new people, and the art of cooking. With Fernando’s background as a retired tech executive from The Coca-Cola Company and a Chemistry enthusiast, his artistic talents are also showcased through his paintings adorning the casitas.

Of the four casitas (cottages), only three are available for visitors since the owners live in the fourth. The hosts of this Puerto Rican eco-lodge are warm, friendly, and actively involved in ensuring your stay is memorable. They go the extra mile by preparing homemade breakfast with care and passion. With their hands-on approach, they create a welcoming atmosphere and strive to make your experience at 4 Casitas eco-B&B truly exceptional. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • The casitas are part of the farm’s plan to develop a self-sustaining farming community and were designed by Architect Daniel M. Johnston AIA with sustainability in mind.
  • No air conditioning, but thoughtful design elements such as double-height ceilings, concrete walls, strategically placed windows, and commercial ceiling fans help maintain comfortable interior temperatures year-round.
  • The farm utilizes renewable energy (both solar and wind) supplemented by the grid and has its own water supply through rainwater harvesting.
  • They have EV charging stations.
  • Rainwater and greywater are captured and reused. They can store approximately 120,000 gallons of usable water for irrigation purposes.
  • They collect all waste separately for recycling. Recycling bins are available in all casitas.
  • No single-use plastic is available in the eco B&B. The owners provide guests with reusable bottles if they need them.
  • They serve a homemade breakfast using local ingredients like fruit from their own farm, homemade condiments, and bread, down to freshly cut flowers.

Most Popular Activities near 4 Casitas

  • Kayaking in the La Parguera bioluminescent bay
  • Kayaking in the mangroves
  • Swimming and snorkeling
  • Ziplining
  • Nature walks and hiking
  • Coffee farm tour

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Best Time To Visit 4 Casitas

The peak season in Puerto Rico is between December and April since hurricane season is between June and November. To avoid crowds in general, consider traveling during the shoulder season between April and June.



4 Casitas is in Cabo Rojo province, Puerto Rico approx. 120 miles away from San Juan International Airport.
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