7 Most Sustainable Eco-Lodges in Puerto Rico

7 Most Sustainable Eco-Lodges in Puerto Rico

You’ll find Puerto Rico rich in culture, traditions, and beauty. Vastly spreading over the Caribbean sea, this island is endowed with magnificent mountains, numerous mystical waterfalls, and an extensive rainforest that makes Puerto Rico one of the most beautiful places on earth.

And, as blessed it is by mother nature, with great power comes great responsibility, which is exactly why Puerto Rico has started investing in eco-lodges and eco-hotels. Because after all, isn’t nature all about giving to others? The island has only recently initiated a greener, eco-friendly living system, which is why the number of eco-friendly lodges is still a little low. But, if you’re looking for the best eco-lodges in Puerto Rico, here’s where to find them.

What are eco-lodges?

Eco-lodges are accommodations in undisturbed, remote natural areas where both construction and operation have the lowest impact possible on the environment. They are not only part of the local community but they are active participants in protecting nature and culturally sensitive areas.

BROWSE THROUGH our directory for the most sustainable eco-lodges around the world if you want to experience something unique, authentic, and exciting.

Hix Island House

Round shaped grey house made of concrete surrounded by green trees and plants
Photo credit: Hix Island House

Imagine you, staring across a vividly beautiful landscape featuring an insane sunset amidst green trees while eating a bowl of organic fruit as you breathe in the refreshing air. Does it sound like heaven? Because that’s exactly what the Hix Island House is like, and if you’re looking for an astonishingly pleasant stay, there’s nowhere better than here.

The Hix Island House was one of the first Puerto Rican eco-lodges, and this is why it takes the top of the list. Rustically built to match its beautiful environment, the Hix Island House comes across as the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication. Located in Spanish Virgin Island, Vieques, the Hix Island House was designed to be sustainable; its building caters to the region’s climate, topography, and weather, so the use of power is kept to a minimum.

The outdoor showers use the sun’s natural heat to warm the water and irrigate the island. The retreat uses solar panels to run electricity. The natural garden was built on previous overgrowths and is secluded to protect its various residents which include mango, cacti, papaya, banana, and guava.

The Hix Island House is determined to provide you with a stay of absolute bliss and grandeur. So, stop muddling over other options and make your booking now! 

Finca Victoria

A room with white walls and doors. There is a bed, wardrobe, chair and a hammock
Photo credit: Finca Victoria

The Finca Victoria Hotel is a hidden retreat in Vieques, Puerto Rico, and is thankfully completely eco-friendly. The farmhouse-style bed and breakfast resort offers visitors the chance of staying in an eco-friendly vintage setting and is surprisingly upbeat.

All rooms are decorated in vintage local woodworks and art and are so air, you will not need air-conditioning because of the local climate. Finca Victoria has designated herb, medicine, and edible gardens from which it provides its guests mouth-watering organic food. An ayurvedic kitchen complements an apothecary where guests can enjoy numerous services. The resort does use electricity but keeps the usage minimum in order to keep true to its cause. The electricity used at the resort comes from renewable energy, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Finca Victoria is the ideal place for anyone who wants an experience that’s not too fancy or too close to nature; this eco-friendly farmhouse is the best place to enjoy a casual stay. In addition, Finca Victoria is also family-friendly; the staff is always ready to come out and help in case you’re struggling to handle the kids, which makes the eco farmhouse an even better choice for accommodation.

Casa Cubuy Eco Lodge

Casa Cubuy is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular eco-lodges and you’re about to find out why. Family operated, it is perched on a serene hilltop just above Naguabo, Eastern Puerto Rico. This eco-lodge is the perfect place to unwind; the lodge has natural granite slabs to soak the sun on and a completely natural jacuzzi.

With a small footprint, the Casa Cubuy Eco Lodge generates electricity using solar panels and introduces water-saving methods to recycle wastewater. They recycle and compost everything and brief their guests on the best way to preserve the ecological heritage.

And when you’re hoping for mind-blowing views, Casa Cubuy delivers. It is situated right in the midst of Naguabo’s rainforest, so you’re really experiencing life in a rainforest as it is. 

The Rainforest Inn B&B

A white grey building from above with lush green vegetarian, solar panels on the roof and a garden with small pond.
Photo credit: Rainforest Inn B&B

Just a little distance from El Yunque National Forest lies the Rainforest Inn B&B. Completely surrounded by lush green trees, this B&B goes beyond expectations to ensure that its visitors are staying in seclusion. Featuring an all-natural koi pond crowded by manicured grounds, the Rainforest Inn B&B brings you closer to nature.

It only uses warm LED lights to reduce electricity, and any electricity used comes from renewable sources. They use photovoltaic systems which you can see on the roof in the above picture.

The Rainforest Inn B&B has a very spacious open-air design that features high roofs, allowing natural air to ventilate at all times, so it does not need to invest in air-conditioning. The Inn also refrains from using any chemicals and pesticides and encourages guests to use biodegradable products obtained from the local markets. In addition, the inn uses composting to prevent waste and collects rainwater for their water needs.

4 Casitas

Interior of a house with white walls and large windows. There are light brown furnitures and dark brown kitchen island.
Photo credit: 4 Casitas

4 Casitas in Cabo Rojo is not your average eco-friendly lodge; just a step in and you’ll realize how magnificent and luxurious it is. 4 Casitas is extremely popular in Puerto Rico, and you’re about to find out why. Not only does it offer a stay of extreme luxury but does so without compromising on nature.

Guests can stay in three types of Casitas, each furnished with the finest furniture and equipped with a fully functional bathroom. The casitas also have a soaking pool, a full kitchen, and a shared courtyard. 4 Casitas produce organic food from ingredients obtained from local farms which practice ecological farming methods.

The casitas were designed sustainably, specifically keeping in mind the farming community; all casitas have a spacious design with heightened ceilings and strategic window placements, perfect for natural ventilation and reducing the need for air-conditioning. 4 Casitas runs on renewable energy and has its own rainwater harvesting system which provides the casitas with water. The same water is re-purified and used to irrigate the local farms, so the eco-lodge has a stronghold on sustainability.

  • Website: https://4casitas.com
  • Address: Carr. 300, Sec. La Capilla Km 2.3, Llanos Tuna, Cabo Rojo 00623, Puerto Rico (see on map below)
  • Instagram: @4casitas

Coqui’s Hideaway Rainforest Villa

House with a pool is in the middle of a rainforest
Photo credit: Coqui’s Hideaway

Coqui’s Hideaway Rainforest Villa is an El Yunque lodging in the Rio Grande and is one of the most beautiful ways to experience life in a rainforest. Coqui’s Hideaway Rainforest Villa lies in an isolated section of the El Yunque National Forest, completely surrounded by tropical trees, providing the perfect camouflage for anyone who wants to blend in with nature.

The lodges are furnished with comfortable furniture, which makes you feel right at home. Coqui’s Hideaway Rainforest Villa uses a photovoltaic (PV) solar system, which powers 94% of the eco-lodge. The rainforest villa also uses white roofing to prevent heat gain, which efficiently reduces the need for air-conditioning, but if you do happen to need it, the same PV solar system provides power to split air-conditioning in the rooms. To prevent an electrical overload, the eco-lodge also utilizes low-energy LED bulbs and CFL lighting and even the electronics like television and computers are low-energy consumers.

The greywater technique is used to recycle water to the kitchen and laundry, and a natural water filtering system allows the same water to irrigate the landscape. Because the rainforest villa is so close to nature, it takes extra care in ensuring no harm comes to the rainforest.

Casa Flamboyant Bed and Breakfast

If you’re looking for a B&B that’s regal, natural, and a hundred percent eco-friendly, you have to check out the Casa Flamboyant Bed and Breakfast. Casa Flamboyant is another eco-lodge that’s situated in the heart of the El Yunque National Forest, and it’s conveniently isolated. Casa Flamboyant B&B is perfect for romantic getaways or honeymooners who are looking for a little adventure; the romantic ambiance of the B&B is an experience that will only make your trip better.

The B&B uses solar panels to power itself up, and on cloudy days, the B&B stores electricity in Tesla batteries. To keep the use of electricity to a healthy level, the B&B employs LED and low-energy bulbs throughout the lodging which use lighting controls and only uses appliances that won’t consume too much energy. In fact, 95% of the appliances at the Casa Flamboyant B&B are Energy Star certified, so you won’t have to worry about your carbon footprint.

All water at the resort is collected rainwater, which is irrigated back to the rainforest after purification. The faucets and showers at the B&B utilize aerators, reducing water consumption and even the dishwasher is set to use water efficiently.

If you think Casa Flamboyant’s dedication to protecting the environment ends here, you’re pleasantly wrong; the eco-lodge practices the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) on a daily basis. All cleaning products are biodegradable and organic, and most of the cutlery and dinnerware is reusable. If you’re a sucker for nature and are planning a romantic getaway soon, then you need not look any further because the Casa Flamboyant B&B is literally the answer to all your questions!

Map of these 7 Puerto Rican Eco-Lodges

As you can see there are plenty of unique and beautiful eco-lodges in Puerto Rico, and you will be spoilt for choice if you are searching for a sustainable holiday.

Map of Puerto Rico with blue pins indicating all the 7 eco lodges listed on this page

BROWSE THROUGH our directory for the most sustainable eco-lodges around the world if you want to experience something unique, authentic, and exciting.

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