Longitude 131˚ is Australia’s most celebrated luxury camp. Dotted around the red dunes of the central Desert, these luxurious glamping tents offer incredible views of Uluru and across the desert to Kata Tjuta. They provide the perfect opportunity to connect with the outback landscape and its incredible heritage.

Each tented pavilion is designed to offer a luxury experience and features floor-to-ceiling glass, giving you the ultimate Uluru experience and unparalleled views.

Their story

Longitude 131˚ first opened in 2003 and was created by an Australian architect by the name of Philip Cox. Baillie Lodges, founded in 2003 by James and Hayley Baillie, then took over in 2013, and the site was transformed into the luxury eco-lodge it is today. Check out more Baille Lodges like Capella Lodge also in Australia, Huka Lodge in New Zealand, and Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge in Canada.

They aim to give people the opportunity to understand this region’s fascinating indigenous culture and geographical heritage. That’s why there is a personalized itinerary of guided experiences available at Longitude 131˚ to give guests the ultimate Aussie outback experience. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • Longitude 131˚ has been designed to have minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Each tent has been carefully designed to ‘float’ above the desert floor in order not to impact the delicate desert landscape.
  • The tents allow guests to get an intimate encounter with the Australian outback without damaging the environment and ecosystem.
  • Each tent can also be dismantled and removed entirely to restore the dunes to their original state.
  • Longitude 131˚ has an environmental management plan and works alongside local organizations, including conservation sanctuaries, national parks, and the government. This is to ensure all the activities available on-site are in line with the region’s conservation goals.
  • The construction of the guest tests was completed with a focus on energy-efficient design.
  • Each tent is designed to enhance thermal and acoustic insulation throughout the year. Floors are insulated and covered in natural stone to enhance cooling during the summer months and insulated in the winter.
  • Solar panels were installed on the roof of Dune House to take advantage of the desert sun to get hot water.
  • They are part of the Yulara Tjintu solar system to cover their electricity needs.
  • General waste is separated into categories and sent to recycling depots.
  • Luxury tents have showers instead of baths to preserve water.
  • Refillable water bottles for guests.
  • Biodegradable eco straws in the restaurant.
  • Guest amenities are in refillable containers instead of single-use plastic bottles.
  • Biodegradable chemicals for cleaning.
  • The executive chef bases his daily menu on local produce and Aboriginal ingredients.
  • Katitit Aboriginal Land and Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park surround the lodge.
  • To protect this special environment, a range of measures have been undertaken to protect the area’s unique landscapes and cultural heritage.
  • Longitude 131˚ also finds it very important to have a connection with the local community.
  • They currently sponsor a ceramist teacher and ongoing education for the community to provide opportunities for the local people.
  • Longitude 131˚ has also set up quarterly artist-in-residence programs at their lodge to allow cultural exchanges between Aboriginal artists and guests.
  • They also work with a variety of Aboriginal art centers, including Ernabella Arts.
  • The Field of Light art installation
  • Walk the domes of Kata Tjuta
  • Hike up Kings Canyon
  • Stargazing
  • Visit Maruku Arts
  • Dining under the desert moon



Longitude 131 is located in the Northern Territory in Australia. The closest airport is Uluru, Ayers Rock Airport which is 15 minutes away only.
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