Just a couple short hours’ drive from San Jose, nestled high in the mountains of Monteverde, sits the luxurious Monteverde Lodge & Gardens. This stunning eco-lodge built into the rainforest is just 15 minutes from the entrance to Monteverde Cloud Forest close to the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Great for those looking for somewhere to get away that will offer a peaceful and serene environment unlike any other, from sunrise to sunset.

In all 31 rooms, you get to relax to the sound of a waterfall cascading accompanied by other jungle sounds and birds singing through the air. You are sure to wake up refreshed for each new day ahead.

Their story

The mission all started 20 years ago to create a space where nature is at your doorstep. With the thriving on-site gardens, it’s safe to say the goal has been achieved. Some very special plants, such as Fern Trees, Orchids, and Hydrangeas can be found, which has led to the increase in animals on site, such as White-nosed Coatis, Agoutis, and White-faced Capuchin monkeys being spotted on the grounds for the first time in years: thanks to their efforts.

Every member of staff here at Monteverde Lodge & Gardens is eager to provide you with the ultimate luxury vacation. You arrive feeling welcome and greeted with genuine smiles and friendly attitudes.

Nature guides are there to help you get the most out of your stay in this very special region. They are descendants of the original Costa Rican settlers to this mountain range and are eager to show you the real experience through the eyes of the locals. Passionate about providing you with the experience of a lifetime, they strive to show guests the “hidden Monteverde.” These guides are truly experts in the area and are eager to share their knowledge and family history of the area. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

  • From the concept to the construction of this luxury safe haven, it was important that guests enjoy the Monteverde cloud region without having to worry about a negative impact on the environment.
  • The build and design they have chosen were picked to embrace the natural landscape of this beautiful landscape by integrating the buildings with nature. They have worked hard to create an environment welcoming for native plant growth and wildlife not just to survive but to thrive.
  • This lodge uses a cutting-edge solar panel system that is utilized to heat the water for all the rooms and the swimming pool.
  • To reduce single-use plastics, they provide guests with a complimentary glass bottle.
  • All straws are 100% biodegradable since they are made out of bamboo.
  • Wastewater is treated using a biological greywater treatment plant that helps to reduce solids, grease, and oil.
  • They also run an in-house recycling program.
  • The operations here are centered around being one of the most eco-conscious resorts in Costa Rica. The soaps, detergents, and cleaning products are all biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • They use only natural fertilizers in the garden.
  • The restaurant here offers some of the freshest foods. Local produce is used to cook these authentic and internationally inspired dishes to satisfy your tastebuds.
  • The team here is mostly from this region of Costa Rica, to support the lodge’s desire to support the local community to thrive. You will find this in the way you are provided services in the most friendly and genuine manner.

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Best time to visit Monteverde Lodge

  • To avoid the rainy season, plan your visit outside May-June and September-October. 
  • If you want to enjoy this place the sunniest it can be, visit in March or December.
  • The humidity in Costa Rica is high all year around. 
  • Smaller showers or thunderstorms can be expected all year around, so please be prepared.

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Monteverde Lodge is about 2,5 hours away from Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose.

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