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Experience luxury and conservation at the Selva Bananito eco-lodge in Costa Rica. Neighboring La Amistad Biosphere Reserve, this eco-lodge is committed to conserving all the beauty that Costa Rica’s rainforests offer. 

Selva Bananito sits within a vibrant rainforest ecosystem, with one of the highest densities of felines in Costa Rica. Walk in the footprints of jaguars, ocelots, and pumas, viewing the colorful flora and fauna along the way. Selva Bananito preserves the beauty and health of the forest, including the most vital water source for almost 100,000 human inhabitants.

Situated 17 kilometers south and 15 kilometers west of Port Limon, Selva Bananito protects almost 1200 hectares of primary forest, 200 hectares of secondary forest and uses about 300 hectares with regenerative agricultural management practices. 

The Selva Bananito Lodge offers 11 guest cabins, with breakfast included. Tour the surrounding preserve with one of their all-inclusive adventure packages.

*(The pictures displayed on this page are the exclusive property of Selva Bananito to promote the experience in “La Amistad Biosphere Reserve”, Limon, Costa Rica, and are photographed by Tanja Micolcic.) 

Their story

For over 25 years, the Selva Bananito has been setting the standard for ecotourism in Costa Rica. What was once a family banana farm has turned into one of the most sustainable eco-lodges in Costa Rica. With the income generated from the lodge, thousands of hectares of rainforest have been preserved and restored.

In 1985, Rudi Stein’s family protected 850 hectares from logging and set it aside for conservation. While logging may have generated more income, the Stein family knew the importance of conservation over profits. This shared value has fostered the health and regeneration of the surrounding rainforest, including the incredible feline populations the area is known for. 

Compassion for both nature and humans drives the Selva Bananito conservation efforts. In protecting the beautiful landscapes of southern Costa Rica, Selva Bananito is able to protect the water supply of the over 100,000 inhabitants of Port Limon. The reserve is part of the National Network of Natural Reserves (Red Costarricense de Reservas Naturales) and acts as a buffer for the International Park la Amistad.

Their conservation efforts have been internationally recognized, having been featured in numerous articles and gaining several eco-tourism certifications. With efficient material use and low-impact architecture, guests can enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature every day of their stay. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

Lowest impact construction and operation

Highest level of energy efficiency

Pioneer in waste management

Fully organic and chemical-free operation

Actively protects nature and community

Most popular activities near Selva Bananito Lodge

  • Scenic flights
  • Nature hike
  • Horseback riding
  • White water hiking and rappelling in Costa Rican waterfalls nearby.
  • Bird-watching walks to see many of the 20 Costa Rican birds.
  • Jungle overnights like “Following the Footprints of Wildcats.”

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Best time to visit Selva Bananito Lodge

  • To avoid the rainy season, plan your visit outside May-June and September-October. 
  • If you want to enjoy this place the sunniest it can be, visit in March or December.
  • The humidity in Costa Rica is high all year around. 
  • Smaller showers or thunderstorms can be expected all year around, so please be prepared.

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