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Experience home-grown hospitality at the beautiful Paloma Lodge in Drake Bay, Costa Rica. This eco-lodge is perched on a cliff over the Pacific Ocean. Look one way, and you see the ocean, turn around and see the lush, verdant Costa Rican rainforest. With no shortage of activities, La Paloma Lodge brings adventure, hospitality, and luxury together to make an effortlessly beautiful getaway.

Sandwiched between the Agujitas River, black sand beaches, and the rainforest, this lodge showcases all the beauty the Osa Peninsula has to offer. Enjoy your private paradise on 14 acres of land. With 7 bungalows, 4 rooms, and a Luxury Beach House, guests can choose from a range of accommodation types. 

Voted one of the most stylish lodges in Costa Rica by Harper’s Bazaar, La Paloma mixes luxury and sustainability to create the perfect lodge. Relax on the beach, snorkel in the ocean, or simply listen to the wind in the trees — this is where you come to relax and recharge.

Their story

La Paloma started as a fleeting thought Kate Kalmbach had when lying in a dirt-floored hut in Costa Rica. She looked out over the land, degraded from years of farming and deforestation. Her family dreamed of one day restoring this land and sharing it with others. So the La Paloma Lodge was founded, with Kalmbach’s father laying the groundwork for the future hotel. 

The Kalmbachs built La Paloma to be the getaway they would’ve loved to go to—a place to relax and be with loved ones. The construction started in 1986 with the clubhouse, a design attributed to Kate’s father. They brought locals in to help build the lodge. Two years later, the family moved in and began the process of opening the lodge to the public.

Kate’s mother advocated for La Paloma to be environmentally-conscious and to respect the land on which it sits. After years of building a reputation for seclusion in a perfect location, La Paloma has become a fully-formed eco-lodge in Costa Rica

With a commitment to community, sustainability, and conservation, La Paloma honors the land and respects the culture. Built from the ground up by hand, it is not hard to tell how special La Paloma is. Surrounded by natural beauty, La Paloma Lodge offers an experience of a lifetime. Read more about them here.

Sustainability actions

Lowest impact construction and operation

High level of energy efficiency

Pioneer in waste management

Fully organic and chemical-free operation

Actively protects nature and community

Most Popular Activities near La Paloma Lodge

  • Bird-watching walks to see many of the 20 Costa Rican birds.
  • Kayaking and surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Turtle, dolphin & whale watching
  • Mangrove tour
  • Day & night hiking
  • Horseback riding
  • Osa Peninsula is a great place for fishing in Costa Rica.

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Best time to visit La Paloma Lodge

  • The humidity in Costa Rica is high all year around. 
  • To avoid the rainy season, plan your visit outside May-June and September-October. 
  • If you want to enjoy this place the sunniest it can be, visit in March or December.
  • Smaller showers or thunderstorms can be expected all year around, so please be prepared.

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