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Lion Conservation in Tanzania

Lion Conservation in Tanzania

Amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Tanzania, a majestic and powerful creature commands awe and respect – the African lion. As one of the most iconic symbols of the wild as well as one of the Big Five Animals, lions have long captivated the imagination and interest of people across the globe.

Tanzania, in particular, stands out when it comes to lions in Africa. This article delves into the challenges the lions are facing, the importance of their conservation, and the efforts being made by BornWild and other organizations to ensure their survival and harmony with human communities.

Lions in Tanzania

Tanzania boasts the highest number of lion numbers in Africa as well as the world, with approximately 14,000 lions roaming the country. If you are on a safari in Tanzania – you will encounter most lions in the Serengeti, where you can find up to 3,000 of these amazing creatures.

Lions are lying on a tree trunk
Photo credit: Wade Lampert Unsplash via Kate K.F, BornWild.

Importance of conservation

Lions are listed as “Vulnerable” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. Despite relatively stable lion numbers in Tanzania, they continue to face numerous challenges in their struggle for survival. Habitat loss, trophy hunting, poaching, the bushmeat trade, and ceremonial killings pose significant threats to their existence.

Conservation efforts are crucial for the survival of lions in Tanzania. Organizations like Lion Landscapes are creating new and inspiring ways to keep lion numbers stable and thriving. Additionally, these new ways are also supporting people and wildlife to live peacefully together without conflict killings.

Protecting lions and our wildlife is extremely important. Every creature plays a huge part in our ecosystem and the ecological role of lions cannot be overstated. Healthy ecosystems provide survival for us and animals, enabling enough food and water. Eradicating species has a profound effect on our ecosystems. People as well as animals suffer drastically.

Lions play an extremely important role. As apex predators in their unique habitat, they are essential in keeping a stable balance of the population of prey animals like wildebeest and zebra. This balance is crucial for the health of grasslands, savannas, and forests, impacting the overall well-being of numerous species, including humans.

There are many great lion conservation organizations to support that are dedicated to maintaining and building lion numbers. However, if you would like to make an impact yourself, there are a variety of ways to help make a change.

What is BornWild?

BornWild is an eco-tour company founded by me, Kate K.F. I am a passionate advocate for lion conservation. You can see in the Born To Be Wild impact plan how many projects including – lion guardian and lion predator programs as well as many other big cat initiatives I supported.

I have also just launched our groundbreaking African Lion Safari, where I have created one of the most unique experiences that bridges adventure travel with lion conservation.

This adventure will take eco-tourists through Tanzania and will highlight lion conservation throughout. Within this safari in Tanzania, we will be exposing travelers to resources and experiences you will only encounter through this adventure.

I am also delighted to connect our guests with renowned lion conservation organizations as well as conservationists to empower them to continue making an impact after the adventure has been completed.

My ultimate goal through this safari is to encourage and inspire people to travel with purpose, as well as make an impact uniquely to them.

Quote of Kate KF founder of BornWild saying ordinary isn't what makes life incredible.

What do I hope to achieve?

What I am aiming to achieve in the long run is to continue to educate travelers about lion conservation through adventure travel. Travelers with a background in conservation are not necessary, but an eagerness to learn and a passion to make a difference are. I welcome everyone on this adventure.

Through these adventures, I want to impact lion conservation in a considerable way. I have many ideas and dreams I am working on to unravel. Wild animal conservation is the driving force behind BornWild, and I am committed to it passionately. Doing good for wild animals is my truth. If I can make a positive change through adventure travel and inspire hundreds of people to make a difference, my work is just starting.

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Kate K.F.
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Kate K.F is the founder of BornWild Adventures. She created her adventure travel company 7 years ago, where she lived in NY. She now resides in the Midwest with her partner and daughter. Fusing adventure travel with wild animal conservation to offer travelers a way to experience extraordinary adventures as well as making a positive impact purposely.